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Essay about Cell Phones: Connecting People or Dividing Them?

essay about cell phones help

Cell phones have become such an essential constituent of modern life that sometimes we cannot imagine life without them. However, when faced with the necessity of writing an essay about cell phones, you may be experiencing a writer’s block despite the seeming simplicity of the topic. No need to worry! Our advice will help you manage your essay about cell phones quickly and efficiently!

Essay about Cell Phones: What to Write About

The range of topics for your essay about cell phones is as wide as your fantasy goes. On the one hand, cell phones help us stay connected with anyone we need. On the other hand, cell phones are sometimes too obtrusive, depriving us of rest and privacy. You can consider the following topics for your essay about cell phones:

  • the history of cell phones;
  • the social attitude to cell phones;
  • the issue of children playing with cell phones; etc.

Essay about Cell Phones: Where to Find Information

Since cell phones are a topic widely discussed both among the specialists and the general public, the range of sources you can draw information from is enormous. Consider the following options:

  • articles on cell phones in popular magazines;
  • depiction of cell phone use in literature and films;
  • real-life experiences connected with cell phones; etc.

Essay about Cell Phones: How to Put It All Together

When you have defined the major topic of your essay about cell phones and found the necessary information from the sources, get down to writing your essay. Since it is necessary to arrange your thoughts and ideas in an orderly way, consider the following tips for your essay about cell phones:

  • think of the argument you want to make in your essay about cell phones: is it description, comparison and contrast, or proving a point?
  • think of the supporting ideas that can illustrate your points;
  • find appropriate examples to make your ideas more clear.
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