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Important Points to Include in a Research Paper Outline

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When a student faces a need to write a research paper, they need to have something to start with. An optimal material, which would be extremely helpful for the researchers, is a research paper outline.

Research paper outline serves as a plan of the work, showing the researcher, which points should be included in it. A research paper is to have a clear structure; therefore, a research paper outline can serve as a guide for the structured paper.

Research paper outline: The required sections

A traditional research paper outline suggests including the following sections in the work:

  • Abstract

Abstract serves as a brief description of the paper; it gives a reader a chance to get an idea about the content of the work. This section of a research paper outline cannot be omitted.

  • Introduction

In the introduction, the author should give their motivation for the research, showing the gaps and gains of the previous studies.

  • Research aims

A research paper outline should always contain the research aims, which have to be expressed by the author in two-three sentences.

  • Research questions

Any research paper outline has to demand clear research questions, which determine the content of the work itself.

  • Detailed Methodology

The detailed description of methods used in the research is obligatory in any research paper outline.

  • Data analysis

The analysis of the data gathered in the flow of the research is the key element of the research, as it is the essence of research itself.

  • Results

The next section of a research paper outline is description of results. The best way to present the findings is to give statistics, tables, or diagrams.

  • Discussion

The results should be evaluated in the discussion section of a research paper outline.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion of a research paper should include the objective assessment of the work’s findings and directions for further research.

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