Article Writing

Sitting in a cozy coffee shop, we asked our qualified writer to share his professional experience of article writing.

How long did it take you to realize that writing an article is not a biggie?

About a while, actually. The first experience of article writing was in a school newspaper. Back then I thought it was pretty professional and fun to read. Certainly, if I saw it right now - I’d laugh, definitely. But it gave me something – it gave me the feeling of self-confidence. It gave me a push to go on and become better, and not only in article writing.

What is article writing, anyways?

Well, to me article writing is both very personal and very impartial. Surely, everything starts with inspiration, personality, and with your desire to express an idea. And the rest is up to your sense of the word, original thinking, and the experiments in terms of shaping ideas.

What advice can be given to those struggling with writing an article?

The best advice for those longing to write is not to be afraid of school essays, because this is where everything starts. Besides, love your essay or whatever else you are working on. Once you start hating it - forget about quality papers and your article writing career.

How about some professional tips?

Work hard on the heading. This is the face of any article. If a text is too long, think about sub-headings, and do not be afraid to be creative while writing an article.

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