300 Words about Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Writing a dissertation proposal is one of the first steps to the completion of your graduation project. Do you need help with writing a dissertation proposal? Then read the information presented below.

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What Is A Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a description of your graduation project. It is groundwork of your future research. Dissertation proposal writing depends mostly on the requirements set by the dissertation committee and your supervisor.

What Are The Purposes Of Writing A Dissertation Proposal?

Before you start writing a dissertation proposal, you need to realize the importance of this work. So, let us talk about the purposes of writing a dissertation proposal:

  • To persuade the dissertation committee that you have a research question that is worth attention;
  • To show the importance of investigating your topic;
  • To prove that you ARE READY to conduct research and disclose this question;
  • To get an approval from the dissertation committee.

What Should You Know To Start Writing A Dissertation Proposal?

Before you start writing a dissertation proposal, make sure that:

  • You are knowledgeable enough about the chosen field of study;
  • You have enough time to complete all the work planned;
  • You know the requirements for writing a dissertation proposal and the dissertation itself.

What Are The Questions You Should Answer While Writing A Dissertation Proposal?

  1. What is the problem under consideration?
  2. Why is this problem worth attention?
  3. Why is it so important to solve it?
  4. What sources are you going to use to disclose the chosen topic?
  5. Do you need help with conducting research?

This information should be enough to start writing a dissertation proposal. Good luck!

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