4 Page Essay Writing: Importance of Word Limitation in a Work

When a student is limited in words, for example, while writing a 4 page essay, some part of work may seem a bit difficult for him/her. It is necessary to choose the best thoughts, use the most successful examples, and involve the reader. There are many different ways of how it is possible to develop a 4 page essay, and in this article, you will find a good and reliable plan on how to organize your thoughts.
You have to divide your 4 page essay into several logical parts and think about word count for each part.
A 4 page essay is usually about 1000 – 1500 words. So, let use evaluate this space:

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  1. 150 words – Introduction;
  2. 1200 words – Body:
    • 100 words – general evaluation of a topic;
    • 50 words – 1st idea;
    • 200 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 50 words – 2nd idea;
    • 250 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 50 words – 3rd idea;
    • 200 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 200 words – evaluation of findings;
    • 100 words – personal attitude to an issue;
  3. 150 words – Conclusion.

You need to consider the sources to be used in your 4 page essay.
As a rule, tutors ask to use a number of sources to defend the chosen position. To create a powerful 4 page essay, you have to find and cite interesting sources. Mind the style required for your 4 page essay and cite each source accordingly.
You should use interesting ideas for your 4 page essay.
Some students prefer to use a number of general words in their projects. Do not follow this example in your 4 page essay. It is necessary to give clear answers, provide clear examples, and share definite thoughts. Do not spoil your 4 page essay with phrases which do not contain interesting and appropriate information.
Good luck with your 4 page essay!

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