American Literature Research Papers: How to Get Started

So, right now, your major problem with a research paper on American Literature is that you cannot start off. Well, it is a common problem for many students.

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You can spend two more hours waiting for inspiration or some exclusive ideas for your American Literature research paper. Or, you can start doing at least something, for instance, brainstorming or reading this article and using some tips we offer.

We suppose that the main trouble of yours is that you have no clue what research papers in American Literature should be about. It is true that American Literature is a broad and general topic. Thus, let us suggest you some ways to narrow down the focus of your American Literature research paper.

Start with your favorite authors

Always keep in mind one rule of writing: cover those things you are interested in and feel passionate about. You have more chances to create an excellent American Literature research paper about your favorite author and one of his/her works.

By the way, you need to decide what your research paper on American Literature will be focused on – either a writer and his/her biography or an analysis of his/her works.

Think about your favorite period in American Literature

What authors and works do you like more? 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century, or the second half of the 20th century? Literature of different periods is characterized by different styles, themes, characters.

Thus, you may focus on a certain period when writing your research paper in American Literature or compare and contrast two works done in different periods.

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Think about a certain theme

Can you boast about heaps of books you have read? Have you noticed some common themes in the woks of different authors? It can be a good idea for research papers on American Literature. Just think about a theme: stereotyping, racial prejudices, gender issues, etc.

Do you need more hints for writing your American Literature research paper? Then read our articles about literature review sites and a research paper on Edgar Allen Poe.

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