Architecture Papers: How to Narrow the Focus and Write your Paper

Probably, you have already realized that writing an architecture term paper or research paper will be a bit more complicated than you expected. At least, you have already spent a couple of hours working on your architecture paper but have not written a single page.

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Then, you will be glad to get some useful tips for writing architecture research papers or term papers. We want to focus on how to narrow the scope of your work and write an excellent paper.

How to narrow down the focus of architecture papers

Well, the main problem you face at the moment is an extremely broad and general topic. Issues that can be covered in architecture papers range from Ancient Rome architecture to the latest materials used by architects these days.

Do not hurry with the final choice of a topic for your architecture paper. Brainstorm for a while and try different ways of narrowing the focus. We can give you an example.

For instance, are you interested in European architecture and you want to talk about it in your architecture paper? Then, first you need to figure out what specific European country you want to talk about. Let it be France.

It is the first step to narrowing down the scope. Next, you need to define specific aspects of French architecture that will be the most interesting for you to discuss in the architecture paper:

  • traditions of French architecture;
  • materials used by French architects;
  • modern trends in French architecture, etc.

Ways of getting architecture papers done

There are two ways to get architecture papers done: make a visual analysis or research in books. Sure, making a visual analysis is more exciting. You can work with photos, pictures, plans, analyze what you see, share your impressions. Anyway, the final decision is up to you.

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