Creative Writing Topics: Check Out This Collection of Superb Ideas!

Do you have to develop your own topics for creative writing? Don’t worry – an Expert Writer is here to help you!
Creative Writing Topics: Brainstorming Incredible Ideas for You!
There’s something you have to know about creative writing – topics for it don’t come out of nowhere. Think big – and you’ll succeed in creating your own topic!
Take a look at the Creative Writing Topics Generator – it’s 100% clockwork that’ll help you create the most fantastic topics ever! Here it goes:
The issue/person in question: the explanation + additional details.
Let’s see how this scheme works in real life – take a closer look at some of the best topics ever!
Creative Writing Topics Exclusively for You: Check Out These Ideas!
You’re in for a load of fun – get ready to see the most fabulous and fantastic writing ideas ever for your creative writing!
Creative Writing Topics for Kids:

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  • The Qualities of the Best Cartoon Character Ever: Describe Your Hero;
  • If I Were Harry Potter/Hermione… Living in a Fairytale;
  • What if the World Was Upside Down;
  • If I Was Sailing to the Treasure Island, What I Would See There;
  • The Most Extraordinary Pet in the World: Chameleons, Piglets… Pet Tigers?

Creative Writing Topics for Middle School:

  • A Day in the Life of a Toy: The Problems of a Puppet;
  • Wearing Your Opponent’s Shoes: One Day in the Shoes of Your Enemy;
  • Being a Genius: Bliss or Curse?

Creative Writing Topics about Personalities Who Should Be More Famous:

  • Patch Adams and Gesundheit!institute: Believing in Miracles;
  • Derek Paravicini’s Incredible Miracle: Savants as They Are;
  • What’s There Behind That Funny Face? Rowell Atkins and His Comic Alter Ego;

Creative Writing Topics on Child Development:

  • Recalling the Earliest Memories: Awaking from a Long Dream;
  • Adults World from a Child’s Perspective. Something People Do not See;
  • Growing up: Losing Much, Finding Even More;
  • Parent-Child Relationships. Child’s Tips for Grown-ups;
  • What Is the Point of Fairytales? Understanding the Way Fantasy Works;

Creative Writing Topics: Think up Your Story!

  • A Man Who Decided to Become Ideal: The Story of a Lifelong Surprise;
  • Creating a Test and Passing It: The Curious Public Meets the Inventor;
  • The Argument That Led to the World’s Most Fantastic discovery: Witness the Miracle;
  • The Story of a Shop Dummy: A World Through the Window;

Creative Writing Topics: Let’s Plunge into the Unbelievable:

  • Sailing with Christopher Columbus, Rediscovering… India;
  • Climb the Top of the Yggrdasil. Where Earth and Heavens Meet;
  • If There Were Planets Inhabited by Other Creatures, These Would Be…
  • What Happens When Running with the Speed of Light… and Even Faster;
  • In the Disguise of a Famous Personality: Imagine Being a…?

Creative Writing Topics: Beyond the World of the Ordinary:
Let’s start this one from the most possible topic to the least credible. That’ll do the trick:

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  • Riding the Time Machine: Which Era to Choose?
  • Designing a Robotic Creature: Its Look and Incredible Functions;
  • A Perpetuum Mobile and Its Top Ten Household Uses;
  • Teachers and Students Changing Places: Understand What Each of Them Thinks;
  • When Voluntary School Attendance Is Accepted: Possible Outcomes.

Pick any creative writing topic from the list above and you’ll see how fascinating your paper can be!
Creative Writing Topics: Exercises to Keep Creative Muscles Fit.
Here are some creative writing activities that will help you keep up the good job. Try some of these writing exercises – you won’t regret it!

Exercise A.
Pick any object in your room and find 5 adjectives to describe it.
E.g., “This vase is smooth, shiny, white, cold and plastic.”

Exercise B.
Write out and try to remember 5 different words/phrases every day.
E.g., “omnipotent,” “awkwardness,” “out of the blue,” “deteriorate” and “explicit.”

Exercise C.
When reading a story, try to visualize every character and scene.
For instance, when reading about Santa Claus, imagine him… the way you see him.

Exercise D.
Here is a good writing prompt – after reading any story, try to imagine what it can continue with.
…And, after Jim Hawkins returned from his trip to the Treasure Island, he decided to become a captain himself…

After practicing this creative writing activity, you’ll see that you’ll be able to invent the most fantastic topics ever! With these tips, you’ll never trouble yourself anymore with questions like “How to write these papers?” and “How to write creative writing?” Well, why don’t you try creating a topic right now?

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