Critical Analysis Research Papers: How to Write the Best One

For many students, writing a critical analysis research paper seems like an intimidating task. What do you think is the main reason for this? Actually, it seems to be intimidating because of the very gist of this assignment, which boils down to criticizing something. Yes, you will have to make a critical argument about something: a book, play, movies, or sometimes you may be asked to make a critical analysis of research papers or essays written by other authors.

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No matter what the subject of your critical analysis research paper is or what you will have to criticize, you should not feel nervous about it. Although you will have to be critical to the words of some reputable authors, you will just have to analyze their arguments and evidences. It does not mean that your critical analysis research paper will discuss someone’s work negatively.

Let us explain you right now several aspects of writing an excellent critical analysis research paper. Then, you can find and analyze examples of critical analysis research papers.

Important questions to answer before writing a critical analysis research paper

We have already mentioned that mainly you will have to evaluate someone’s arguments critically. The following questions can help you do it:

  • What is the author’s background knowledge and understanding of a topic?
  • Is the author a proponent of a certain ideology, beliefs, and ideas?
  • Does the author define all key concepts clearly?
  • Does the author use appropriate evidences to back up his/her arguments?
  • Do you think the author’s arguments are consistent throughout the work?

Structure to follow in critical analysis research papers

After you collect all materials necessary for writing your critical analysis research paper, you will simply need to arrange everything using the proper structure.

  • Introduction – present the work you criticize and arguments you make about it.
  • Main Body – briefly sum up the main points of the work, give details about your arguments, and provide sub-arguments.
  • Conclusion – explain why your arguments are important.

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