Dissertation Proposal Defense

The dissertation proposal defense is the first step to the dissertation writing. The dissertation proposal defense is an oral speech. You have to present your dissertation proposal in such way, that the dissertation defense committee permits you to conduct your dissertation research. You will have to describe your intentions and prove that your research is really important, in order to persuade the committee to allow you writing your dissertation. If you get the committee’s permission to conduct your research, you should attach two copies of the dissertation proposal to the permission and forward it to the general office. As soon as you do it, you are allowed to begin conducting your dissertation research.

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What should you do in order to pass the dissertation proposal defense? How can you get the committee’s permission?

At the dissertation proposal defense you should be ready to answer any question, which is related to your future research. The answers should be persuasive enough for the committee to give you the permission to continue your research. The dissertation proposal defense will be conducted in the following way: first, you will present your dissertation proposal report; then, you will be asked several questions by the committee; after it, you will be free and the only thing you will have to do is to wait for the answer. After some time, you will be informed about the dissertation proposal defense results.

You should take into account that the general impression of you and your presentation will play a very important role when the committee will be deciding if they should give you permission or not. So, you should try to impress the committee positively, and then, you will get an extra chance to win.

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