Dissertation Writing: Sources of Information

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You came here to find some help with writing a dissertation. You will not be sorry about your choice and time spent here, reading this article.

Surely, dissertation writing is a long term process that involves numerous steps and stages. You should realize that this short article cannot describe the whole process of dissertations writing with all its minor details. So, let us focus on the most important issue of writing a dissertation – resources for your dissertation.

Here is a list of resources that helped many students over the world conduct deep dissertation research.

  1. Research libraries: this does not mean you have to literally come to these libraries, but this means you need to visit online research libraries. For example, the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library are famous for the variety of sources they store. There is no need to buy a ticket to New York or Washington D. C. (where the Library of Congress is situated), but you can simply log on to their websites.
  2. Another possible site for writing a dissertation is CARL. This is an abbreviation for Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, and this is a great reliable resource for writing a dissertation, since it has hundreds of scholarly articles organized according to subjects.
  3. Finally, all kinds of university or college websites (not only your home one) can provide you with a great amount of useful information for your dissertations writing. So, do not hesitate to take advantage of them!

So, this article should be of some value for your dissertation writing, dear reader!

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