Essay on Fashion: Does Fashion Promote Tradition or Innovation?

Fashion is something that excites the imagination of modern people, since it is frequently associated with prestige and social success. An essay on fashion provides you with endless topics to explore. If you are lost at all this variety, we come to help you! In this article you will find some highlights on the possible topics for your essay on fashion.

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Essay on Fashion: Highlight #1

One of the perspectives you might take on fashion in your essay on fashion is a historical one. When did fashion appear? How did it change through the ages? For your essay on fashion, you can choose to compare and contrast fashion during different periods. Alternatively, you can discuss fashion during the same time period but in different countries.

Essay on Fashion: Highlight #2

What is fashion? Is it a way of establishing a tradition? Or does it promote innovation? Your essay on fashion can aim at resolving this debate. Trace how various elements of fashion came and went, recurring in subsequent periods. What does this recurrence tell about fashion? Does it have any stable elements?

Essay on Fashion: Highlight #3

As you have noticed, fashion is a very complex phenomenon. It is not only about clothes, it is also about cars, interior design, and pets. In your essay on fashion, discuss the role fashion plays in people’s lives. Is it a positive or a negative role?
Does fashion provide standards of beauty or does it simply foist off commercially profitable brands? Is it a way of individualizing or standardizing society members? All these debatable issues can make a good topic for your essay on fashion.

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