Exclusive Tips for an Essay on Role Model

Almost everyone, especially young people, have a role model. What is, actually, a role model? Usually, it is a person who serves as an example for you. An example of the way of life, behavior, appearance – these are the roles that you want to take as yours.

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Essays on role model are very often assigned as the admission ones. However, it can be a usual assignment in your institution. No matter what the purpose of writing an essay on my role model is, there are several secrets that you should be aware of.

So, here are our exclusive tips for your essay on role model.

  • Usually, students choose some famous and prominent people for their essays on role model. On the one hand, it is pretty clear and there is nothing strange that somebody wants to be like John Kennedy or Michael Jordan. However, we advice you to choose some more “real” people for your essay on role model. You can tell about your close relative, teacher or coach.
  • The main purpose of writing your essays on role model is to tell about the influence that a person has/had on you. In your paper you can include some outstanding ideas, personal traits of this personality, his/her deeds that impressed you.
  • Finally, there is one big mistake that can be made in your essay on role model. You should not forget that you are writing about yourself, not about a person. Thus, there is no need to tell about person’s biography, family and so on. In your essay on role model you have to show the exact models that you adopted and that have a certain value for you.

Thus, it is great that you have a person in you life who can give you a positive example. Still, your essays on role model should be focused on you.

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