Interesting Informative Speech Topics: 25 Perfect Ideas

Informative speech topics can be found anywhere. Just look around – any object or processs can become a good topic for an informative speech. However, if you are looking for an interesting informative speech topic, you may need some time to find a good idea and develop it. Alternatively, you may look through this list of 25 original and fun informative speech topics for your presentation that will surely get your creativity going and impress your audience.

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Interesting informative speech topics: Business

  1. People: Steve Jobs as a business genius of our time.
  2. Events: Campaigns against tobacco advertising.
  3. Processes: Aggressive marketing strategies used by Coca-Cola.
  4. Concepts: Modern business cycle theory.

Interesting informative speech topics: Ethics

  1. People: Aristotle and his works inspiring generations.
  2. Events: New laws fighting online trafficking (SOPA and PIPA).
  3. Processes: Social media blurring the lines between personal and professional relations.
  4. Concepts: Does utilitarianism necessarily lead to the conclusion that ends always justify the means?

Interesting informative speech topics: Psychology

  1. People: Sigmund Freud and his influence on science and art.
  2. Events: The invention of the lie detector.
  3. Processes: Groundhog Day syndrome in adults.
  4. Concepts: The color wheel model of love by John Lee.

Interesting informative speech topics: Literature

  1. People: William Shakespeare and the question of the authorship of his writings.
  2. Events: Representation of the Civil War in Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
  3. Processes: The shift from modernism to postmodernism.
  4. Concepts: The death of the author as a literature theory of Roland Barthes.

Interesting informative speech topics: Environment

  1. People: Leonardo da Vinci as a vegetarian.
  2. Events: The Great Smog of 1952 in London.
  3. Processes: Reduction of e-waste.
  4. Processes: Promotion of cycling and walking for short journeys.
  5. Concepts: Theories of global warming (positive and negative outcomes).

Interesting informative speech topics: Computer

  1. People: Bill Gates as a well-known computer genius.
  2. Events: The launch of Yahoo’s directory in 1994 and its impact on Internet technologies.
  3. Processes: Present day kids as “digital natives” who were born in digital era and have excellent computer skills.
  4. Concepts: Theories on the relation between video games and bullying.

So, any of these informative speech ideas can become the perfect starter for your presentations. Consider your interests and make your speech topics interesting and informative. Take any of these informative speech ideas; add your efforts, individual manner of presentation, visual aids and humor; carefully stir everything up (organize and proofread) and enjoy excellent grades for your informative speeches.

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