Nickel and Dimed Essay: How to Discuss the Book in Your Essay

Writing essays on books is an assignment that many students enjoy. Writing a Nickel and Dimed essay will be very interesting: this book has touched upon several important questions and has been perceived quite controversially. In this article, we offer you some hints on writing a Nickel and Dimed essay.

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Nickel and Dimed Essay: Essence

You can write your Nickel and Dimed essay in the form of a book review. Your task will be to:

  1. Provide a summary of the book so that a reader will know what it is about.
  2. Evaluate the book from different points of view.

Book reviews are valuable because of their authors’ own opinion. Thus, in your Nickel and Dimed essay, you can provide your genuine opinion about the book. Having read people’s reviews on Nickel and Dimed, you will see that there are absolutely opposite opinions about the book.

However, the unwritten law of book review writing states: avoid being absolutely critical. Even if you disliked the book, try to find something that you can evaluate positively in your Nickel and Dimed essay.

Nickel and Dimed Essay: Content

In your Nickel and Dimed essay, you can touch upon the following issues:

  1. Nickel and Dimed as an example of undercover journalism. Do you think that Barbara Ehrenreich’s attempt to undercover was successful?
  2. The book touches upon several issues that are important for many people. In your Nickel and Dimed essay, formulate key ides that the author provides and comment them. Do you agree or disagree with Ehrenreich?
  3. For her book, Ehrenreich chose a specific writing style: her aim is to write brightly, persuasively and ironically. Did you enjoy her style of describing things and expressing thoughts? Have you appreciated Ehrenreich’s irony?

When writing your Nickel and Dimed essay, support your statements with quotations from the book.

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