Organization of Research Papers: A Pattern to Follow

You have selected a topic for your research paper. You have probably researched it and collected necessary information. You are almost ready to start writing, but you are not sure how to organize all information and ideas you have.

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Well, obviously, you know a little about research paper organization. Actually, there is nothing special about it. Organization of a research paper, in other words, is defined as a structure, a certain pattern you have to follow. This means that you should know and stick to several precise rules, which make research paper organization.

We are glad to present you a typical organization of a research paper right now.

Research paper organization: introduction

Making a strong introduction is what you will start with. We have to mention that an introduction plays an important role in the overall research paper organization. To be specific, this section has several important functions. It:

  • Introduces a topic;
  • Involves the reader;
  • Sets the overall tone of your paper;
  • Shows your level of knowledge and interest in the topic.

Research paper organization: body paragraphs

Basically, this is where you have to present all information collected. Sure, you cannot just put everything down on paper. This part also requires certain organization.

First, the body should be split into at least 3 paragraphs. Second, each paragraph should be devoted to a certain idea, develop, and support it. Third, all body paragraphs should be logically connected by means of transitions.

Research Paper organization: conclusions

Usually, this part is no longer than two paragraphs. It simply ties together all the main points you have presented. Do not add anything new in this section.

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Mind that the right organization of a research paper depends on a properly made research paper outline. So, do not skip this stage.

Here, you can also learn more about other steps to writing a good research paper.

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