Perfect Research Papers on Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is not a brand new topic. Still, it is not a reason to think that creating a powerful research paper about drug addiction or drug abuse is impossible. Even the most frequently discussed topics can be viewed from new perspectives.
So, you are working on your research paper about drug addiction. What should you do first? We suggest you start with the following:

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  • Outline the main idea of your research paper on drug abuse;
  • Create a thesis statement;
  • Find sources that will help you cover the topic properly.

Let us give you more details on each of the above-mentioned items.

Good ideas for research papers on drug abuse

At a glance, many ideas for research papers on drug abuse might seem boring and not worth considering. What is the way out? Well, you can make a list of all ideas related to drug addiction. Then, pick one issue that you believe is the most disturbing. Here are several idea examples for your research paper on drug abuse:

  • War on drugs: what pressures does it put on prisons, hospitals, etc?
  • Why officials are more concerned with arresting drug offenders than providing them with necessary help?
  • The war on drugs – was its main goal met?

A thesis statement in your research paper on drug abuse

After you pick an issue to highlight in the research paper on drug abuse, develop a strong thesis statement. It should include the most significant aspects of your topic.

Sources for research papers on drug abuse

Actually, you will find a lot of information devoted to this problem. However, we suggest you use scientific journals and articles. You may search Google Scholar to get up-to-date and relevant sources for your research paper on drug abuse.

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