Research Methods Paper Guidelines

Do you know what a research methods paper is? Do you want to know the gist of a research methods paper? Then, follow the guidelines presented below.

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What is a research methods paper?

A research methods paper (an empirical research paper) is a project that demonstrates the ability of a student to use doctoral-level research methods.

Research methods papers might be prepared in one of the following ways:

  • Part of a research project prepared with a faculty member;
  • Independent projects investigating potential thesis topics;
  • Projects built on class term papers;
  • Projects acceptable to methods coordinators and advisers.

What does your tutor expect from a research methods paper?

First, you need to use empirical data in order to explore an interesting issue.

Second, you should use methods that are appropriate for researchers of the Ph.D. Level.

Third, you should present a research methods paper that is of potentially publishable quality.

What is the typical structure of a research methods paper?

Mostly, all research methods papers have the following structure:

  1. Title page
    • Title, name, and date.
    • Short abstract.
  2. Introduction
    • 1-2 pages long
    • Present the thesis statement you are going to test.
    • Introduce your question and explain why it is worth considering.
  3. Data presentation
    • State the exact thesis to be tested.
    • Present a conceptual framework
  4. Methods
    • Describe the methods you are going to use.
    • Explain why these particular methods are chosen.
    • Evaluate the efficiency of the methods.
  5. Results
    • Add tables with results for each model estimated.
    • Highlight the results in the text.
    • Explain the results.
  6. Limitations
    • Discuss each limitation of your analysis.
    • Consider how such limitations might affect results.
  7. Discussion
    • Summarize all main findings.
    • Relate your findings to the thesis statement.
  8. References
  9. Tables and Figures
  10. Appendix

What are the requirements for a research methods paper?

Your research methods paper should be printed. You should use:

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  • Double space
  • 1 inch margins
  • 10-12 pt.

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