Research Papers on Charles Dickens: How to Stand Out

Being a controversial novelist, Charles Dickens is like a casket with a false bottom. And certainly, his personal life, his works and his political and social views provide a fertile ground for academic papers. This is why a research paper on Charles Dickens is a good task for any student – entire monographs can be written about this author. Here we will provide you with several truly brilliant topics for your Charles Dickens research paper that can make you a favorite student of your literature professor.

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Charles Dickens research papers: a political aspect

Most of the readers consider Dickens a humorous author of sweet and kind novels, each of which is imbued with a light humor. However, humor and kindness in these books are rather a defensive barrier designed to ease the perception of serious topics, such as economic, social and political conflicts, poverty and other disasters. Tracking the political and social messages in the works of the author is a nice idea for a literary research paper on Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens research papers: a psychological aspect

Dickens was also a deeply melancholic person who experienced a psychological drama in his youth and suffered an unfathomable mental pain for the rest of his life. This inner tragedy and the tortures of his soul made a great impact on his works and political views and are worth the most thorough examination in a psychology research paper on Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens research papers: the United States in his works

Ironically enough, the relations between Dickens and Americans were rather tense at the very least. In his times, a young and developing country (the USA) was still a disordered formation that Dickens considered extravagant if not completely absurd. In your research paper on Charles Dickens, you can explore the roots of those tensions.

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