Research Papers on Cryptography: No Ciphers, only Clear Ideas

If you do not want anyone, except the addressee, to read your message, you should hide information or, in other words, codify it.

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What do you know about cryptography? What methods of encryption are known to you? Do you know when the first encryption was created?

Well, you need to know the answers to these questions if you want to create worthwhile papers on cryptography. In this article, we will present several ideas you can consider in research papers on cryptography. Let us not waste your time and get down to business.

Explain all necessary terms related to cryptography in research papers on cryptography

Using such terms as a “plaintext,” “cipher,” “code word,” “key,” etc. without explanations is a bad idea. You should define each of these terms in research papers on cryptography.

Make an emphasis on some historical facts in research papers on cryptography

What do you know about a scytale? Who created the first encryption? When was the first cipher machine created? Answer these questions in your research paper on cryptography.

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Write about the role of cryptography in our daily life.

In your research paper on cryptography, you may tell how cryptography is used in wireless networks, e-commerce, smart cards, etc. Dwell upon the codes that programmers use to create programs.

Do not forget to give examples to support the arguments, statements presented in research papers on cryptography. How was encoding used during the wars? Who were the famous cryptographers? Write about them in research papers on cryptography.

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