Research Papers on Italy: How to Narrow Down the Focus

Italy is a developed European country with really high standards of living, a country that millions of tourists visit every year, and a country that plays a significant role in modern international relations.

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Italy is also a country with long and rich history, cultural traditions. Do not forget that Rome was a capital of the legendary Roman Empire.

All this means that your research paper on Italy can be devoted to a great variety of issues, starting from the Roman Empire to current issues. It also means that you might face some difficulties when selecting the main idea of your research paper on Italy.

Thus, we offer you our strategies on how to narrow down the focus and write strong research papers on Italy.

Research papers on Italy: step 1

First, you need to come up with a general field of interest. Thus, take time and decide whether you want to learn more about Italian history, culture or architecture, politics, etc.

Research papers on Italy: step 2

After you define the area of interest, think about specific issues within this field that you, at least, heard about. Highlighting some completely unknown issues in your research paper on Italy is not wise, really.

For instance, you want to investigate history. Write down everything that comes to your mind related to the history of Italy: fascists, Emperor Augustus, the kingdom of Naples, etc.

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Research papers on Italy: step 3

Then, look through the list of possible ideas for your research paper on Italy. Which one seems to be more appealing? Which one do you think you can cover in the most fascinating way? Have you studied something in school before? Answer these questions and make the final decision as to the topic of your research paper on Italy.

If you want to investigate art or history, our tips for World War 1 research papers and an art research paper might be helpful.

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