Several Tricks for Writing Research Papers on Euthanasia

Euthanasia, “mercy killing,” “happy death”… These are several definitions to one act – an act of killing a patient in order to stop his/her sufferings. Euthanasia is another source of heated debates in the modern society. Still, a common solution to this problem has not been found.

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Who knows, perhaps you will be able to find it in your research paper on euthanasia? Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure. Still, we can say for sure that you are going to write a paper on a controversial topic. Do you remember how to do it? Can you name, at least, several secrets that will lead you to a brilliant research paper on euthanasia?

If you have some troubles with writing papers of that kind, we are glad to help you.

Research papers on euthanasia usually require a clear and strong position.

This is true, and if you have a strong standpoint on the problem, you are welcome to highlight it in your research paper on euthanasia. Still, if you are not sure about your position, the only way out is to introduce both opposite opinions.

Research papers on euthanasia require facts.

Facts are stubborn things. No controversial paper can be completed without facts. Thus, make sure that verified facts serve as a basis for your research paper on euthanasia.

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Research papers on euthanasia should not be overloaded with categorical words and phrases.

Try to avoid using such words and phrases as “the best”, “the worst”, “true”, “I (am) strongly”, etc. in your research paper on euthanasia. You may sound biased this way. It is better to use something like “I believe/suppose/think” and so on.

So, these simple rules will help you write a convincing research paper on euthanasia.

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