The War on Drugs Research Papers: Develop Your Opinion

The war on drugs is one of those controversial things students have to discuss in their papers. Obviously, now it is your turn to write a research paper on the war on drugs.

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Do you know the main key to writing an effective war on drugs research paper? It is your independent and unbiased opinion. This is what a teacher will be looking for and evaluate in your research paper on the war on drugs.

If you are not familiar enough with the topic, it might take you pretty much time to investigate everything thoroughly and collect material for the war on drugs research paper.

Thus, we are glad to present you several pointers that will help to get started and to write an excellent research paper on the war on drugs. 

The war on drugs research papers: pointer 1

If you really want to single out, you have to start with the history of the war on drugs. Everything started in 1960s, but the actual war began after a famous President Nixon’s speech, where he defined drugs as the “#1 public enemy”.

The war on drugs research papers: pointer 2

Besides, it is also necessary to study the legal aspect of the problem. The main document for you to study is The Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, 1970. Another document that is worth discussing in research papers on the war on drugs is The Anti-Drug Abuse Act, 1986.

The war on drugs research papers: pointer 3

Famous personalities and their roles is another important issue you have to consider. Have you heard about Pablo Escobar – the main Columbian drug lord? What other famous Columbian, Mexican drug dealers do you know?

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The war on drugs research papers: pointer 4

Find out more about the theory of gateway drugs, which states that the use of one drug like marijuana inevitable leads to the use of some harder drugs like heroine.

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