Thesis on the Order of the Garter

The United Kingdom is a country that is famous for its strong traditions. Various Noble Orders are a huge part of those traditions. They exist for several centuries and even nowadays all their customs are strictly observed. So, if you are interested in these traditions, you can write your thesis on the Order of the Garter – one of the most noble and ancient orders.

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If you do not know much about this Order and think that writing a thesis on this topic is impossible, do not worry. In this article we have prepared some facts for you that can be useful for writing a thesis paper on this issue.

  • Your theses on the Order of the Garter can be started with some general information about it. It is the order of knighthood that takes its origins from the Medieval England. By the way, almost all the Orders are common for the whole United Kingdom. However, in your thesis on the Order of the Garter you can tell that this exact one is regarded to be only English.
  • In the thesis on this topic you should definitely tell the legends about the origins of the Order. One of them is connected with Countess Salisbury. Once she was dancing with the King Edward III and a garter slipped off her leg. All the guests burst into laugh, but the king took the garter and tied it to his leg. Then he said a phrase, which became the motto of the Order “Shame be the person who thinks evil of it”. So, find out the other legends that can be mentioned in the thesis on the Order of the Garter.
  • Still, not only the historical facts should be included in your theses on this topic. A part of your paper should be devoted to the present days. Tell about the present members of the Order and their traditions in your thesis on the Order.

So, we hope that writing such thesis on the Order of the Garter will be really exciting for you.

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