Tips for Writing Essays on Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon is a wonderful novel written by Toni Morrison. It is a story of a Black American family that faces various challenges, shifting values, conflicts and so on. The protagonist of the novel, Milkman Dead, is a boy looking for himself and ways of making his dreams come true.

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So, you have to write an essay on Song of Solomon. It can be a bit challenging. However, our tips on completing this task might be helpful. We strongly recommend you read the novel. Otherwise, you will not get its main ideas and will not be able to explain them properly in your essay on Song of Solomon.

Now, let us discus several ideas for essays on Song of Solomon.

Significance of a family in a person’s life

Milkman Dead has tough conflicts with the members of his family. In your essay on Song of Solomon, you can disclose two of them.

  • A conflict with his father. Milkman hates his father for many reasons. Analyze those reasons. Explain in your essay on Song of Solomon whether you can justify Milkman somehow or you have completely opposite viewpoints.
  • A conflict with his sister. Unlike Milkman who is insecure and knows little about his heritage, his sister Pilate is wise, strong, and is really proud of her heritage. By the way, their conflict is somewhat hidden in the story. Give your opinion about it in the essay on Song of Solomon. Ancestors

Is it really important to know the history of your ancestors? Actually, it is one of the most significant questions for Milkman. He wants to find his identity. Discuss this issue in your essay on Song of Solomon.


Milkman has a friend Guitar who betrays him one day. However, Milkman is sure that Guitar did it for some strong reasons. Discuss the topics of friendship and betrayal, friendship and selfishness or betrayal and forgiveness in your essay on Song of Solomon.

We are sure that writing essays on Song of Solomon will be exciting for you.

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