Write an A+ Doctoral Dissertation

Do you want to know about the secrets of writing an A+ doctoral dissertation? This article is a simple handout, which may help you create a great doctoral dissertation and get your desirable degree.

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The main issues as for the necessary requirements for writing a doctoral dissertation are presented here. This time I want not only to concentrate your attention on the actual process of writing your doctoral dissertation, but also tell you about some other requirements you should pay attention to.

Let us talk about some points, which are extremely important for your work:

  1. Style of your doctoral dissertation. It is very important to understand that the style of your doctoral dissertation depends on the field your work will be written in. You should pick out the necessary one and get to know more about the requirements. The styles can be: APA, Chicago, MLA, ACS, etc…
  2. Content of your doctoral dissertation. The content of your doctoral dissertation can vary. What we mean is that the number of chapters your doctoral dissertation should include might differ. Thus, you should talk to your supervisor, who will inform you on the requirements for the length of your project. Also, he/she will specify the chapters to be presented in your work.
  3. Writing requirements. This point touches upon many different issues; here are some of the most important ones:
    • Margins (1.25-1.5 inches for a doctoral dissertation);
    • Spacing (double-spacing is a common requirement for dissertations as well as for doctoral dissertations);
    • Pagination (sometimes, students make stupid mistakes when they try to paginate the title page of their doctoral dissertation).

I hope these issues can help you get an A+ on your doctoral dissertation!

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