Write your Literature Review Paper Perfectly

Do you know what a good literature review paper is? I think every student, sooner or later, can face such assignment and should try to find the best ways of performing it.

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In this article you may find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. So, here is the way, which may help you create a perfect literature review paper.

First of all, you should understand the essence of a literature review paper.

Any literature review paper is not a simple term paper or even not a book report. In your literature review paper it is necessary to gather information from some primary sources (not one!), analyze different viewpoints and present the results on paper.

Secondly, you should know and comprehend the purpose of a literature review paper.

Your literature review paper is a piece of work, which aims to overview briefly the processes undergoing in the field of the chosen topic. So, pick out a literature work, find reliable and interesting critiques, analyze them and present the conclusions drawn in your literature review paper.

Thirdly, you should think about a topic for your literature review paper.

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You have several ways of picking out a topic for your literature review papers:

  1. Your supervisor may give you a topic for your literature review paper;
  2. You may create your literature review paper topic independently;
  3. You can look through the past literature review papers and create your own, similar to the one of those.

Finally, you should clear up what structure your literature review paper will have.

As any academic paper, your literature review paper should have an introduction, a body, a conclusion and a reference list.

Make sure that you follow these instructions while writing your literature review papers– they are simple, informative and clear.

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