Book Critique Writing

In many ways book critique writing is similar to writing an essay. Both have the same basic structure, both call for evaluation, analysis, creativity, and ability to draw conclusions. However, an essay may have many goals and be of various kinds, while book critique writing has the only target – to assess a concrete book critically.

Writing a book critique means doing at least four obligatory things:

  1. Reading the book you have to critique.
  2. Understanding the author’s main point.
  3. Stating main information on the book: author’s name, titles, sources, etc.
  4. Choosing the brightest quotes that will back up your statements.

Writing a book critique means doing some solid work on studying the background, understanding the writer’s point, evaluating its worth. Books critique writing also means paying attention to the heroes, their believability, social and historical background and, therefore, their behavior.

Obviously, if you are not a professional critic, you will need something to lean on. Along with already published critical evaluation, you should be able to write a quality book critique paper.

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