College Essay

A college essay may sound like a big deal for freshmen. Yes, compared to a simple and plain five paragraph essay, it will require some additional effort. However, do not feel depressed. Here are terms you will need to learn to get along with writing college essays.

  1. Argument. This is a statement backed up with facts, but not a citation. Taking someone’s good quote and claiming it as a personal argument in your college essay will be considered stealing an idea. Taking someone’s good quote, running it through your own perception and giving out a point will be considered a “Way to go with your college essay!”
  2. Way to go with your college essay!” Yes, it is a term! Way to go means your arguments are not only unbeatable, they are creative and new. In other words, a good point in your college essay should make the reader think: “Hey, that is just what I felt but did not know how to express”. Or: “Hey, I have never thought about that! This is definitely new”.

And naturally there is no need to tell you about the importance of writing strong and outstanding college essays. Though writing college essays is just a part of the admission process, much depends on it. Your college essay should be noticed in that heap of other college essays the admission committee has to read.

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