Creative Article

What is common and different between a creative article and an essay?

The similarities are clear. Both essays and creative articles are written according to the main rule of any text – you have to have a beginning, logical development and, eventually, a logical ending. In an academic essay the structure is more obvious.

The difference is one, but it is huge. No matter how much people talk about an essay being creative if compared to other academic assignments, it loses all the creative points once put against a creative article. In an essay you still have to mind who you are writing for. You are writing for a teacher, professor. Well, do you get the point? If talking about creative articles, you are writing for two readers: you and the audience

These affect the course of writing creative articles greatly. You as a reader will want to have all of the thoughts running through the head stated. The audience will want your creative articles to be interesting, provocative, and original.
If you are writing a creative article for sale, one more reader appears – the customer. If you want to sell, you have to demand most of the creativity out of yourself. And this makes a huge, tremendous difference.

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