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To prove that custom research papers are not as evil as some prefer to claim, we have interviewed one of the experienced research paper writers.

How did you end up in the world of custom research paper writing?

Well, as any student, I had to go through that fascinating but challenging period of academic life, when you simply cannot get where all the writing assignments come from - starting from an essay up to case studies and research papers. I remember how hard it was to start writing. I do remember that feeling when I just sat staring at a blank sheet of paper, wondering what to start with. Eventually I got over the writer’s block and did understand the way a paper has to be written. But I know that there are plenty of students out there just hating the idea to write.

Do you feel guilty for selling custom research papers?

No, and I never did. There are different people coming for custom research papers. Some struggle with the writer’s block, as I once did. And one custom research paper changes their life dramatically, because they get a professional example of how a work has to be done.
Others order custom research papers simply because they do not have time, and I do not see anything criminal in that. Let us not forget that the greater part of students has to work to pay tuition fees, rent, food, etc.
Besides, we have all been students wanting to go out once in a while. And if I give those guys some extra time for fun by writing a custom research paper, I cannot feel guilty about it. Ordering a custom research paper is not a crime, most of the times it is a simple need.

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