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For some reason, custom term papers are considered an academic fraud. We have found a student, who told us – a custom term paper once really helped him out. Today, five years after graduation, he tells us why he had to use a custom term paper.

Did you struggle with academic writing?

No, I have always been good at it. I was especially unbeatable in essays. But the rest was okay, too. It is due to the writing that my GPA always stayed at the highest level, and I was to graduate with honors.

What pushed a successful student to using writing services and ordering a custom term paper?

Really serious problems at home. I was going through tough times, had to work at nights and pay for my Mom’s surgery. My so-called academic excellence was really in danger. I had to order a custom term paper just because I knew that I had the exact 24 hours a day the rest had, only I had to work. And when choosing between the well-being of the close person and studying... well, I guess the answer is obvious.


And that was the only one time I turned in a custom term paper, but it really saved my academic future. I did graduate with honors, and I will never regret.

This is not the only story we can tell. Guess now you agree that custom term papers are not about academic fraud – custom term papers are about the necessity, lack of time, certain circumstances and reasons.

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