Essay Writing – Steps to Choose a Topic

Essay writing topics usually depend on your subject of specialization. Many a times, students wonder how to choose an essay writing topic. If the college or university provides essay writing topics, the task becomes simpler for students. However, when essay writing topics are not assigned to you, then you should take the time and effort to choose the best one, so that the final essay reflects your interest and the effort you have taken to write it. Obviously, you will have numerous essay writing topics to choose from and this could leave you thoroughly confused as to which essay writing topic would be best for you to write your essay because your choice and interest will determine your grades.

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It is essential for you to remember that the essay writing topic you choose to write should have ample number of resources. Do not choose an essay writing topic which has been debated for centuries, for instance, abortion, gun control or divorce. The entire world knows about these essay writing topics and you will have nothing new to prove in your essay. Choose an essay writing topic which is trendy, and has not been battered to death. Below are some points which you should follow when choosing the best and most appropriate topic for writing your essay.

  • First choose a broad essay writing topic

Your broad topic should be relative to your field of specialization – for example, if your subject is psychology then you could choose sexual abuse as your essay writing topic.

  • Next, narrow your topic

Once you have chosen your broad topic, narrow it down to something more specific. For instance, you could decide to write about an essay on the psychological, sociological or physical aspects of sexual abuse.

  • Devise thesis for your essay

Finally, once you have decided your final essay writing topic, it is essential to devise a thesis statement for your essay. The thesis statement or topic statement will be the guiding stone of your essay and will enable you to keep track of your chosen topic. Accumulate resources and begin drafting your essay.

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