There are more than 10 types of essays. Certainly, in a particular sphere a particular kind of essay writing is used. And depending on a situation, essay writers have to be either creative or analytical. The most popular essays are:

  1. Argumentative essays, where your ability to prove values most of all.
  2. Analytical essays are to demonstrate your skills in finding an answer.
  3. Expository essays, where you are to explain and share.
  4. Compare and contrast essays show your abilities in finding similarities and differences.
  5. Classification essays require some logic in separating concrete things into categories.
  6. Cause and effect essays have to demonstrate how you can follow the path from the beginning to the end and vice versa.
  7. Narrative essays are where you have to open up as a skillful storyteller.
  8. Descriptive essays are all about the details.
  9. Evaluation essays are where your logic steps forward.
  10. Admission essays are to prove you are worth being accepted to a particular college or university.

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