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  1. Believe in what you are writing! Even if you are not a pro, even if your writing has never been brilliant, even if you hate the idea of research - believe in your skills, and you will see how your Masters research paper improves dramatically!
  2. Never save time on the research! This is what your Masters research paper is based on. Choose reliable and up-to-date sources, and make a good research analysis. Write out everything you find essential for your Masters research paper. Revise the notes and choose only the most important, the most reliable, and the catchiest facts.
  3. Write the outline first. Outlining the Masters research paper helps to see the overall picture. It helps to eliminate weaknesses and underline strong facts and arguments. It also helps in building a logical chain of arguments and proofs.
  4. Keep track of all your sources! Do not think that there will be time to go back and find that article from which you chose the argument or fact. Trust us, there is never time when it comes to deadlines. This is why every time you find a good idea, fact, or argument, write down the source: name, year, and title. It will help you when you come to the point where a list of references for the Master’s research paper should be written.
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