Motivation in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Psychology


The motivation is one of the most important problems in management. The firms should pay attention to the talents and personal qualities of their employees as well as to their needs. There are different theories of motivation. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs represents the systematization of human needs and motivating factors in order of their importance for people. The aim of this essay is to discuss the problem of motivation, taking into account the interviews with the employees of the Fight 001 store.

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The Discussion

The work is the place where we spent the most of our time. Exactly for this reason, the term of job satisfaction is so widely-discussed nowadays. The pyramid of needs by Abraham Maslow touches upon this problem from the perspective of the satisfaction of the human needs. The video Motivating Employees: Empowered & Appreciated presents the interviews with the employees working at the retail store Fight 001. Undoubtedly, the problems, which motivated Amanda Shank to leave her previous work place, can be described in the context of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. She said that she had decided to leave the big corporation she worked for because the management of the company was, essentially, indifferent to the moral needs of the employees.

She explained that everyone was “just a number, which could be replaced at any time” (Motivating Employees). Perhaps, this problem is relevant for many large organizations. However, it was not the only reason for Shank’s leave. She also said that she felt like not “being respected and taken seriously” (Motivating Employees). If we consider the problems described by Amanda in the context of Maslow’s theory, we will see that her previous work place was not able to satisfy her psychological needs. Under the Maslow’s theory, this group of needs takes a middle position in the hierarchy.

If we take a look at the pyramid, we can see that it is located above the physiological needs but below the self-actualization needs. The psychological group is further divided between the belonging needs and esteem needs. I guess that Shank’s previous employer failed to meet her esteem needs. Nowadays, Amanda works at the Flight 001 store. Although the work in retail has its peculiarities, the salary remains one of the vital motivating factors. Being underpaid means not only living under financial constraints but also feeling that your efforts are not remunerated accordingly.

Emily Griffin is the crew development manager at Flight 001 (Motivating Employees). In the interview, she explains why the firm she works for is successful and why she pursues her career at Flight 001. Emily indicates the high level of motivation, which she feels in the work place. She says, “There is an open door with every single person here” (Motivating Employees). I think it is very important for people to feel comfortable at work. The calm and friendly atmosphere contributes to the employees’ productivity and, ultimately, to the success of the business. Emily also says that the management tries to keep every employee involved in the business.

They have the opportunity to call the owners to discuss their problems, to express their ideas and, what is not less important, to receive the feedback. Emily also mentions that she is satisfied with her job due to the opportunities for career growth. The management of the Flight 001 store appreciates the efforts, which the employees make for the success of the business. Emily says that although the management is tolerant of error, it is not tolerant of poor work ethics. That is, they want to see you trying to do your best and, if you do, your mistakes are justified by your dedication and hard work.

The work at the small firm and the big international company is very different. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. I also think that you should not generalize this problem as, even if the work conditions at the big organizations, on average, may provide more benefits, the work conditions at the certain small firm may be much better than at some of the large companies. I should admit that I do not have specific preferences. Furthermore, I think that you should try to find the right job place for yourself and the size of the organization is not the only factor determining the rightness of your choice.

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To sum up, all the above mentioned, it should be said that motivation is the crucial aspect of the management work. Dedicated and loyal employees contribute much more to the success of the organization. Although the salary is important, encouragement and feedback also play a very important role in the motivation of personnel. The video Motivating Employees: Empowered & Appreciated tells about the story of the successful store Flight 001. Its success is determined largely by the high level of the employees’ dedication.

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