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The main goal of writing school essays is to teach you to think. And it is not about abstract thinking, but about seeing the whole picture, placing correct accents, drawing logical conclusions. The purpose of preparing school essays is not just learning to write. It is learning to express oneself.

Once you go further, you will see there is much more than plain school essay writing. A term paper, for example, will be something to affect the semester grade greatly. But here, at the very beginning of your school essay writing experience, here is what you have to do:

  1. Learn to formulate the main idea of the text in one or two sentences. This is called writing a good thesis statement. And this is an important part of school essays.
  2. Learn to see the whole text and its logical ending before you start writing a school essay, which means outlining, researching and processing information.
  3. Learn to put your thoughts on paper. This is a common problem. You feel what’s right, but once you start talking - you lose the point. Well, if you do that in a school essay, you lose a grade. Having a point and stating it clearly is an art.
  4. Learn to face other opinions. Learn to accept criticism with dignity. Unless you are a genius, first school essays will be strongly criticized – for stylistics, logical approach and many other peculiarities. If you learn to process them and draw conclusions, you will learn to write school essays. Otherwise you fail.

Guess it doesn’t sound that great, does it? Well, no matter whether you need to prepare an essay or a dissertation, you will have to invest time and efforts, and this is for sure.

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