Teacher’s Professional Goals as to Learning Environment

My first professional goal is to enhance my skills in facilitating efficient classroom environment. This will be achieved through research and implementation of relevant strategies in areas of classroom management and organization, student behavior and time management. This is important because it will ensure that the students attain high performance levels.

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Research is a critical component with regard to achieving set educational goals. It will therefore be used to provide skills and new dimensions of managing the classroom. This is important because it will ensure that student involvement and participation in classroom activities is maximized. In addition, undesirable habits and indiscipline cases will be controlled effectively.

As an educator, I fully understand the importance of appropriate classroom environment in the learning process. Classroom environment plays a vital role and has a significant impact on learning. My professional goal is to explore and implement learning strategies that are designed to increase cooperation and collaboration among students in order to achieve set objectives and accomplish crucial tasks. This will provide students with a safe and friendly learning environment where they have an opportunity to express their opinions confidently and in an open manner. As students express their opinions, it is important to create an environment that makes them feel respected and valued and this will be effectively achieved through research. Detailed research and use of new learning methods will enhance my knowledge on how to keep students motivated and handle their unique needs in the right way. Motivation is a very important input in the learning process because unless learners are motivated, they cannot perform well.

Research plays a vital role in improving classroom delivery. As a result, I will concentrate on studies that focus on classroom management and apply techniques learnt in the classroom in order to attain maximum performance from the students. This will also ensure that individual differences are accepted and handled effectively. Research will also ensure that the available time for teaching is utilized in the most effective way to avoid time wastage.

For effective teaching to take place, it is important to apply the right teaching methods in the classroom. Different subjects require teachers to use varying methods and approaches for learners to understand well. I will improve my teaching methods in the classroom by building beneficial relationships with the school community. This will give my students an opportunity to learn about their communities because a well-rounded student should not concentrate on classwork alone. Knowledge of the surrounding community is also important.

Since there are several cognitive processes involved in the learning process, I will conduct research on how to stimulate the processes among the learners. This can be achieved by applying varying instructional techniques, technologies and other available resources for the students to improve their skills and knowledge. It is important to make use of current technology in teaching because this provides a number of advantages. For instance, it makes it possible for teachers to demonstrate difficult concepts that would otherwise be difficult to demonstrate without technology.

Finally, I will research and implement non-written communication strategies for the benefit of the learners. Effective communication is very important because it provides learners with better skills to express themselves. This will be advantageous since the learners will have their needs addressed effectively and also gain the capacity to fully participate in classroom activities.

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