The Future of Patient-Centered Care

In his talk, Dr. Moen spoke about the importance of open-mindedness, acknowledgment of own weaknesses, and truthful communication with patients. Through his professional experience, the doctor found out that the mere awareness of medical theories and well-developed practical skills are not enough to change the lives of patients for the better. One should not hide behind the shell of knowledge but must constantly engage in self-improvement, be responsive, and value simple human relations, which play a significant role in every doctor’s professional development. An open communication and active listening can foster learning and growth. Thus, by discussing topical issues as well as health and behavioral problems with people from different backgrounds, the health practitioner may get a better chance to contribute to the well-being of a particular patient or the society as a whole. For this reason, as a dentist, I will recognize the significance of such intangible aspects of care as empathy as they often may transform the human life and behavior. Moreover, when a professional is always in contact with his or her colleagues, together they become able to mobilize the resources needed for the change. In isolation, on the contrary, one cannot do much.

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My major strengths include optimism, gratitude, and spirituality. I reckon these qualities are core to the holistic care and the activities described above, in particular. The optimism and hope often help overcome the most difficult situations, and I intend to convey these positive emotions to my patients as together we will set forward long-term and short-term health improvement goals. I can use the sense of belonging and purpose to inspire and encourage others to seek their own sources of comfort. Lastly, the awareness that good things happen in life will help me to value every patient and his or her experiences. By being thankful for them, I may accelerate our mutual transformation and growth.

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