Thesis Writing

Oh, screw the hints like “Be prepared” and “Edit your writing”. We devote this part of our article to all of those writing a thesis and getting ready for the defense.

Here is what we think one must do once the process of thesis writing is over and it is time for the defense.

  1. Give professors candies for good questions.
  2. Before you start your presentation, make a
    little dance. Choice of music is optional. As to
    us, the best music is Britney’s “I don’t need permission, make my own decision, that’s my prerogative”. It sets the best mood.
  3. Since it is the thesis defense, wear a military uniform. This will help you achieve two things: first, if you are a girl, you won’t have to wear tights and heels, and if you are a boy – a tie; second – keeping in fear is good.
  4. Ask Spongebob to give out flyers and sell drinks and popcorn.
  5. Present the best professor with your autograph on the thesis.

And good luck to you.

If you are thinking of the defense as of something that will happen in the next century and you are still struggling over thesis writing, read the second part of our article. It is written specially for those who are stuck in the middle of nowhere, writing a thesis.

How do we write a thesis?

Well, the process of writing a thesis is a complex of researching, writing, and editing. If any of the stages is omitted, you can consider thesis writing to be done in vain.

  • Researching. We analyze your topic and instructions thoroughly, study available sources, gather necessary materials, find statistical data, if needed, and make notes.
  • Writing. The process of thesis writing starts with making an outline, creating a step-by-step plan, and writing the first draft. If you want us to adjust the paper to your writing style, send samples of your works in advance, not in the middle of thesis writing
  • Editing. After the process of writing a thesis is over, your work goes to qualified editors who will check it, so that you get a grammatically, stylistically, and lexically correct paper. They will make sure the requirements and style were observed throughout the whole thesis writing process.

What do you receive?

100% premium quality thesis writing service! Everything - from the first page up to the last page - will match your demands and expectations. You are welcome to contact us if you need professional help with a specific chapter.

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