What Is Education and What Is Learning?

Understanding what the meaning of the term ‘education’ is is important. This importance brings awareness about the need for an education. The society is informed about the benefits of education and the role of education in social economic development. This article explains the meaning of education.

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The meaning of education is simple; education is knowledge. Educators insist that people should understand what education is. The society should be enlightened about education and its benefits. The benefits and effects of education need to be emphasized. Education is defined as knowledge in basic skills, academia, discipline and technology. Education is acquired through learning. To understand the context of what is education, learning is defined as a process of acquiring skills and knowledge. Learning can be a life experience. Learning can be institutional or informal.

Education has become important in our lives. This is based on the fact that, education guarantees employment. People acquired skills in business, managing and running institutions are employed. The more one is educated, the more are his chances of getting a good job. It explains profoundly what is education and the profound importance of learning nowadays. Education is seen as the bridge between social economic development and under-development. A society with many educated people develops rapidly. Education actually provides an avenue to a successful future.

Where can you acquire education? The question seeks to establish the need to go to school. Institutions of learning are places where one can enroll and begin learning. Governments, to create more avenues for society members to get educated have built schools. This is indicative of how important education is. However many are still seeking to understand what is education. Education is a gradual process of growth and development of skills and knowledge.

Education is important to everyone. Today, efforts are in place to enlighten people about what is education, the need for education and the role of education. Learning is what imparts knowledge. Knowledge is the acquired skills in various arts and theories. Schools and other forms of learning institutions offer education. The learning process is gradual.

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