A Thesis Adviser: What Role Will He/She Play for You?

Are you sure you know who a thesis adviser is? You will say, “Definitely I know! It is someone who gives thesis advice and helps to get through the thesis writing process”. At a glance, it seems to be a correct answer, but it is still obvious that you do not know many other important things about thesis advisers.

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The thing is that a thesis adviser is not just someone who sits in his/her office with the notice on the door “Give thesis advice”. A thesis adviser can be helpful in many different ways. And the sooner you will figure out what exactly a thesis adviser can help with, the sooner you will make the right choice.

Let us describe several different roles a thesis adviser can play. All you have to do is decide which particular role fits you and find a person like that among your department staff.

Role 1: an expert librarian

Do you know what such thesis adviser can do for you? He/she is an expert in your research area and knows what resources you need and where you can get them. These are very precious features of an adviser.

Role 2: an “organizer”

This thesis adviser will help to split your project into smaller tasks, will set up deadlines for the completion of each task, and thus will help you meet the deadline when your thesis should be finished.

Role 3: an editor

If you have brilliant searching skills and you are an extremely organized person who can plan own work, the third type of thesis advisers may suit you. These advisers will help you polish your project from the beginning till the end, and you will not have to hire a professional editor when your work is finished.

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