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Recycled Plastic and Pollution Solutions

Introduction The problem of plastic pollution has a great impact on the environment, but government agencies in many countries have become seriously interested in the problem relatively recently. Eliminating the negative impact of plastic requires many resources and restrictions that some countries are not yet ready to accept. However, various...


Global Climate Change and Warming

For many years, there have been constant statistical observations of the weather, based on which an idea of ​​the climate and its changes is formed. Even though there has not been and still is no generally accepted opinion regarding the causes of climate change, scientists recognize the existence of global...


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the United States

Racial and ethnic minorities constitute a substantial part of the population of the United States, and the government should adopt policies that reflect their needs. Specifically, the U.S. government should promote the advancements for minorities in spheres such as education, economics, and health and offer timely solutions which address disparities....

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

The Nuclear Energy Future for Global Civilization

Summary Issues of climate change and sustainability are of great concern today. The world’s future will be determined by steps taken to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The energy sector must undergo a complete redirection through decarbonization. The challenge, however, lies in ensuring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions...


Staging of “A Doll’s House” Play by Ibsen

My Vision of the Play A Doll’s House is best understood as an argument for the importance of self-knowledge. The main example of this is Nora’s character, who becomes aware of herself at the end of the play, breaking the vicious cycle of lies and accepting her own individuality. At...


Why Animal Rights Should or Should Not Be Upheld

Meat consumption and other forms of animal exploitation have led to many ethical concerns in the US and other parts of the world. As human beings have human rights, animals deserve to be respected and protected in society. Actions such as exploiting animals for meat, fur, foie gras, and veal...


Religions of Shintoism, Daoism, and Confucianism

Exploring religions is a very exciting process that may provide people with various insights. Daoism, spelled Taoism, is a philosophy and religion that originates from ancient China and has a number of interesting concepts. Like in any main religion, Taoism has a central principle that states that animals and humans...

Entertainment & Media

Social Media Effect on Communication Development

One of the distinctive features of modern society is the global digitalization of all living environments. The emergence of social media in this context has a significant role in transforming the communication agenda, as it transforms the very essence of everyday interactions between individuals and between individuals and the environment....


Evolution of Women’s Rights in 1910-1950

Introduction In the United States before 1910, the attitude toward women demonstrated negative and discriminative nature. Women were essentially bound to household activities and suffered from stereotypes describing their laziness, incapability, and low intelligence. At the same time, the expectations from society demanded unfaltering politeness, gratuitous complaisance, and focus on...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Integrated Access Control Systems and Data Privacy

Description of the Threat Privacy concerns are among the most significant threats that the use of technologies has brought. Even though each individual has the right for their electronic information to be protected, digital privacy remains a challenge. Data-driven products and services are often used because they are supposed to...


The Importance of the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a massive social movement for the rights of black people, and it also fought racial discrimination in the 1960s. People stood for equal rights of citizens in front of each other, and the result of the struggle was the independence of the black population of...

Linguistics & Literature

Comparison and Analysis of Poe’s Short Stories

Introduction The story of The Cask of Amontillado starts when Montresor declares that Fortunato insulted him, and he intends to retaliate. The main character is taking his revenge one step at a time so as not to endanger himself. He decides to use Fortunato’s penchant for booze to get an...


Effects of Playing Fighting Video Games on Children

Introduction It is hard to disagree that video games have moved to another, more advanced level with the development of sophisticated interactive narrativity, modern technologies, high-definition graphics, and increased real-life simulation possibilities. By exquisitely engaging players of all ages, computer games are now played worldwide. As noticed by Goodson and...


Coffee Retailers and Social Issues

Coffee Coffee is a product consumed by millions of customers globally. Today, it is a part of mass culture, meaning that people have numerous rituals associated with its use (Cailleba & Casteran, 2011). For this reason, the retail business is on the rise nowadays. Thus, statistics show that the retail...


Human Trafficking: Sexual Exploitation

Human trafficking is characterized as the illegal act of transferring or coercing someone for the purpose of profiting from their labor or service, usually through forced labor or sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation, forced labor or involuntary servitude, and economic slavery or debt bondage are the three most frequent categories of...


The Three Categories of Orchestral Instruments

Introduction Orchestral performances have always been judged based on the harmony and melody of the instruments used. Orchestra is a group of organized musicians who majorly perform instrumental music based on stringed instruments. Orchestral instruments are classified into three major divisions: strings, brass and woodwinds, and percussion (Jaatinen et al.)....


The Kastle–Meyer Test: Case Study

The Kastle–Meyer test is a presumptive blood test that justifies the presumption of the presence of blood. In this test, the chemical indicator phenolphthalein is used to detect the possible presence of hemoglobin. The Rapid Stain Identification of Human Blood (RSID Hb) test is the confirmatory test that verifies the...


South Africa and the Apartheid System

Introduction The main aim of the paper is to analyze how South Africa overpowered the apartheid system, the economic changes, the political changes, and how the countries react. The apartheid is a system in South Africa that upheld segregationist policies against all non-citizens of the country. Therefore, the non-white citizens...


Music in the Service of Social Movements

Music has been used as a means of representing social movement and political messages for centuries. Its cultural integration serving as a natural method of bringing people together cannot be underestimated in the function of musicking as a driver of social movement. Music is one of those mediums that is...


Jim Crow and Civil Rights Movement in America

Introduction Jim Crow was the term known as the racial caste system that mainly occurred between 1877 and the mid-1960s in the southern and border states. In addition to strict anti-black legislation, Jim Crow was a system of oppression as slavery was imposed on African-Americans during Jim Crow, making them...


The Role of Gender in Interaction via Social Media

Both men and women are now actively using social media for interaction. However, there are gender differences that play a role in the formation of the subject of interaction, information search and sharing, decision-making, and well-being. First of all, gender influences the subject of social interaction in social media. Rollero...