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“Manifesto of the Communist Party” by Karl Marx

Karl Max was a great German philosopher and a revolutionist who is widely known and respected for his work and influence in creating the modern world. He is hugely appreciated as a revolutionary in his critical analysis of social debates, especially regarding economics, politics, and even socialism. Karl Max is...


Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory: Structures of Existence

Introduction Humans attempt to answer philosophical questions regarding the nature of the world and humanity for centuries. Each person faces these issues at least once in their lifetime and chooses different paths which help them either address or accept these relentless musings. Christianity provides answers to these questions, whereas atheists...


Philosophical Ethical Theories: Kantianism and Utilitarianism

Formulated by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism is an ethical theory whose philosophy focuses on promoting mass happiness rather than individual happiness. Consequently, an action falls under the category of morality depending on its impact on society. Therefore, many philosophers have given diverse views on the utilitarian theory...


Virtue and Human Good by Aristotle and Socrates

Introduction Ethical and philosophical discussions are never simple and always ambiguous because it is hard to create one specific statement and apply it to all human thoughts and actions. The names Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates are usually related to a better understanding of the relationships between virtue, human good, and...


Don Marquis and Judith Thomson’s Views on Abortion

Introduction The issue of abortion continues to be one of the most divisive because opposing viewpoints rarely agree on many points. According to Johnson (2019), abortion is a binary issue because one is either for or against it. Such a scenario can be illustrated by considering the arguments of two...


Rene Descartes’s Meditations on “First Philosophy”

Rene Descartes was a famous French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, and mechanic. He made a considerable contribution to science: he laid the foundation of rationalism in philosophy, introduced many symbols that are still used in algebra, investigated optical phenomena. Descartes’ scientific approach marked the beginning of the transition of European science...


Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy

Most of the developing and advanced countries of the world use fossil fuels as their main source of energy. This type of raw material is widely used in thermal power plants and has a number of production and economic advantages. However, with the increasing attention to climate problems on the...


Air Pollution as an Environmental Health Hazard

Air pollution has long been known as one of the most topical environmental issues. In recent years, governments, as well as many local and international environmental organizations have been discussing this global problem both in terms of human health and environmental risks. However, its effects remain extremely harmful to the...


Melting of the Glaciers and Sea Ice

A dense body of ice, usually on the move, primarily over land, is known as a glacier. When a large amount of snow accumulates for an extended period rather than melting, a glacier is formed with variations in size and length. They are essential in the water cycle and supply...


Energy Use and Sources in Atlanta, Georgia

Introduction People can hardly imagine a day without using different energy sources to meet their basic needs. After awakening, they turn on the light, take a shower, and prepare breakfast but never think that all these manipulations require great energy that exists in different forms. In most cases, the citizens...


Advantages of Energy Production From Coal

Though coal may become less frequently used in the next few years, in the current day, it still provides a number of advantages to industry leaders, governments, and citizens. This is because coal energy production is able to convert coal to a number of states, is not reliant on weather,...


Climate Refugees in Bangladesh and America

Introduction Climate change is defined as the long-term change in regional or global climate trends. Climate change is often used to refer to a warming climate from the mid-20th century to the present day. Temperature and climate are often wrong. The ecosystem changes with the weather because it persists over...

Entertainment & Media

Social Networks and Digital Communication

Introduction The digital communication shaped the way how people interact with each other, form interest groups, and maintain their socialization. Social networks became an integral part of modern life that generated new communication needs and established a unique frame to fulfill them. More than 37% of the globe’s population was...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

“Fertility, Mortality, Migration…” by Vollset et al.

Key Concepts and Terms A global population forecast is a demographic research tool that estimates the future size of the population. The total fertility rate is the number of children a woman gives birth to during her life. The population scenario reflects the future projected population structure for various factors,...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Big Data and Growth of Data Storage

Executive Summary Technological advancements have changed the mode of capturing, storing, and sharing information, especially in the digital sphere. The changes have contributed to a generation of a wealth of information, commonly referred to as big data. Initially, data storage was an enterprise wonder due to the intricacies relating to...


Legal Problems in Technology and Education

Abstract E-learning benefits both students and instructors enormously. Students can complete their studies online at their own pace while employing multimedia to meet their educational requirements. This research work demonstrates how educators in Massachusetts are enhancing student learning through the use of e-learning opportunities. This study focuses on understanding technological...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

A Strategic Approach to Safety on Airport Ramps

Abstract The aviation sector in the UAE has experienced massive growth over the past two decades. The increased traffic in local airports has increased activities in the airport ramp and pressure on the ground crew to ensure that activities are conducted flawlessly and in time. SMS has emerged as an...


Separation of Church and State in America

Introduction America has been experiencing robust growth in religious beliefs recently, compared to other centuries in history. This growth is attributable to the continued increase in the number of immigrants who come to the US bringing new and varying religious traditions. Most Americans profess their faith in God, and therefore...


The Plastic Pollution Issue in the Ocean

Introduction Unfortunately, how people treat and manage the planet’s natural resources, including oceanic waters, reveals a lot about humanity’s hypocrisy when it comes to environmental issues. People need to admire the five oceans’ tremendous beauty and the amazing biological diversity of oceanic life. However, they fail to do enough to...


Fuel and the Environment: Reasons for Change

The modern economy runs on energy derived from fossil fuels. These fossils hold large amounts of carbon that releases energy after combustion. The energy is released as heat, which is converted into other forms of energy such as electricity. Fossil fuels are convenient, safe, cheap, and relatively abundant, thereby making...


Health Effects on Environmental Change

Introduction The health and well-being of humans and life on Earth greatly depend on the surrounding environment. Without a healthy environment, certain necessary conditions for human life cannot be obtained. Such necessities include food, water, energy, shelter, and good quality public health. It also has an impact on the mental,...