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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction The main goal of business organizations is the provision of quality goods and services to consumers at an affordable cost. All business organizations include the administration and the employees who work together to achieve the goals and targets of the organization. When selecting employees to work in an organization,...


Discussion of Civil War in Sierra Leone

Introduction Civil war is an organized violent battle for state power between social groups and various opposing classes within the country, one of the types of fierce struggle within the country. Civil wars grow up on the basis of social crises, when the state power is no longer able to...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Computer Software Types and Their Features

Introduction When most people think about software, they usually think of how perplexing and complicated it is. Some people may believe that comprehending it is unattainable or highly theoretical. Software is undoubtedly complex and sophisticated, yet it is something that everyone uses and interacts with regularly. When someone opens an...


Analysis of “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr.

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” is an open letter written by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. It was created during Dr. King’s stay in the Birmingham jail after his arrest for his participation in demonstrations against segregation. In it, he addresses the concerns related to these activities that were expressed...


Gender Inequality in Workplaces

In a perfect society, inclusion and diversity would be embedded in daily life, and all individuals would be considered equal. Unlearning the social systems created through centuries of colonization, patriarchal cultures, and gender inequality is part of advancing diversity and inclusion. “Unlearning” is the process of deliberately recognizing one’s preconceived...


The Latinos Ethnic Group Discussion

The Hispanic ethnic group, commonly known as Latinos, is the largest minority population in the United States. Census data from the United States shows that this group is distinct from the other ethnic groups in the country. To be classified as a Latino by the United States Census Bureau, a...


Misé-En-Scene and Camera Shots in “The King’s Speech”

The Evaluation of the Opening Sequence’s Major Elements Camera shots and movement play a crucial role in the viewers’ perception of the film’s story and environment. In the movie The King’s Speech, released in 2010 and awarded the Oscar for Best Picture, a significant scene that determines the overall tone...


The Rights Theory of Ethics and Its Application

Ethics contains four main ethic theories: deontology, utilitarianism, rights, and virtue. The theory of deontology concentrates on individual moral principles or beliefs; for example, one can make a decision based on the law, personal preferences, or attitudes towards certain situations or people. Utilitarianism concentrates on the outcomes or results of...


Domestic Violence Against Children

Introduction As the social and political environment in the United States changes, so does the debate over violence against children, with successive administrations claiming to be more decisive in dealing with it. Recent policy circles have also raised concern about the growth in domestic violence (Heleniak & McLaughlin, 2020). Efforts...


Campus Rape Cases in the United States

Discipline is not Prevention: Transforming the Cultural Foundations of Campus Rape Culture The campus is tailored to provide a favorable environment for students to achieve better grades and have moral life. Unfortunately, rape has taken over on most campuses, an issue that needs addressing. According to McCabe (2020), a typical...

Linguistics & Literature

​Self-Authorship in “Selflessness and the Loss of Self” by ​Hampton

Self-authorship is a way of interacting with the world people create in accordance with their environment and biology. It is based “on the interconnectedness of epistemological, intrapersonal, and interpersonal dimensions of development and one’s capacity to heed an internal voice with regard to these dimensions, severed from authority dependence” (Okello,...


The Gender Pay Gap Issue Awareness

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average wages of women and men. This indicator is often used to analyze the position of women in the economy; it measures progress toward gender equality at the national and international levels. Boll and Lagemann (2019) note that if the gender...

Entertainment & Media

The Impact of Social Media on Children

Introduction Social media dramatically impacts children’s growing minds and fully mature and established people. Often the influence of social networks and other applications is devalued, not considering them a serious threat. Humankind is used to living and developing in an environment where every step of any person can be recorded,...

Entertainment & Media

Mental Health Issues Due to Impact of Social Media

Introduction Background At no point in history was the world as interconnected as it is now. The Internet allows people from far-flung corners of the world to communicate at an instantaneous speed. Social networks unite hundreds of millions of people on such platforms as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. People of...


Critical Threats to the Global Environment

Introduction Today, the world is acknowledging the rising environmental threats and the adverse impacts on the global population. The UN has been at the forefront of outlining crucial global environmental threats that the world should prioritize. One of the threats to the global environment is using fossil fuels as an...


1783 Peace Treaty and the American Revolution

British and US delegates ratified the Paris Treaty on September 3, 1783. As a result, this effectively ended the eight-year-long American Revolutionary War (1775–1793) and paved the way for the United States of America’s independence from Great Britain (“Treaty of Paris,” 2020). The newly established US and France formed an...


Impacts of the Vietnam War on the US Foreign and Military Policy

Introduction The Vietnam War has become a significant stage in the formation of modern American foreign policy. The military strategies and methods used by the United States during this protracted standoff changed some of the traditional approaches to warfare, for instance, the use of chemical weapons as one of the...


Violence Against Women and Related Theories

Introduction Violence against women encompasses a wide range of abuse, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. It can take many forms, from domestic violence and sexual assault to workplace harassment and stalking (Krook, 2017). Many factors contribute to violence against women, including gender inequality, poverty, and a culture that tolerates...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Prioritizing among Cyber Security Threats

Introduction In the UAE, states are spending more and more on information and communication technology (ICTs). The Internet is now irreversibly active in social development, finance, government institutions, universities and clinics throughout the region. Simultaneously, the position of ICTs has become an important part of the future of the UAE’s...


Single Mothers’ Experiences of Relationships with Their Adolescent Sons

A generic qualitative design was applied in the study to investigate the experiences of single African American mothers and their relationships with their adolescent sons, to address a gap in the literature by providing a deeper understanding of single African American women’s experiences as mothers of adolescent sons, including their...

Entertainment & Media

Social Media Effects on How Society Communicates

Introduction Social media have changed people’s perception of reality and behavior around the globe. It affected their attitudes and the way they think and interact with others. The article chosen to explore social media effects on interpersonal communication is Exploring the effects of social media on interpersonal communication among family...