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The Race-Based Affirmative Action

Introduction The fairness of the practice of affirmative action, that is, a policy of increasing opportunities for historically disadvantaged groups in education and employment, has been debated for decades. When it comes to race-based affirmative action in particular, it is a popular subject of discussion currently due to what was...

Words: 891 Pages: 4

Impacts of Poverty on Educational Institutions

Abstract When a person or community lacks the resources necessary for a minimal standard of living, such a situation is called poverty. This issue impacts both industrialized and developing nations throughout the world. Depending on political alienation, educational institutions in the United States range from 10% to 21% of students...

Words: 1810 Pages: 7
Sciences, Tech & Engineering

The Role of Big Data Analytics in Orchestrating Operations Management

Introduction The operations management discipline focuses on overseeing the daily operations of commercial companies. These firms have a ton of data that must be analyzed for the company to run smoothly. Identifying the relevant information concealed within the massive volume of data is essential. Predictive analytics methods, which forecast the...

Words: 1534 Pages: 6

Neo-Racism in Contemporary Society

Introduction In American society, racism is hardly a brand-new phenomenon. However, the minority and immigrant populations have been the most affected. It is currently difficult for the affected group to exercise their rights and freedoms due to the incidence of racial discrimination charges. Neo-racism is a new form of racism...

Words: 3132 Pages: 13
Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Change Management in Digital Transformation

Introduction Active and effective digitalization has become a subject of discussion for organizations of different capital levels. Competition in the global market is becoming more difficult, and every time companies must adequately respond to new challenges. Integration of modern technologies and modernization of internal processes of enterprises with the help...

Words: 1447 Pages: 7
Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Using Technology in the Educational Process

Abstract The introduction of information technology in the educational process is a phenomenon that causes a lot of controversies. On the one hand, the advantages of the technologization of education are undeniable. On the other hand, people are afraid of changing the traditional educational system. However, the advantages of the...

Words: 1701 Pages: 7

Intimate Partner Violence Impact on Mental Health

Introduction Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a common problem that affects millions of people across the globe. It includes abuse and aggressive behaviors in romantic or family relationships. About 30% of women report domestic violence as physical or sexual violence, stalking, isolation, economic coercion, or psychological aggression regardless of their...

Words: 575 Pages: 3

The Distinction Between Natural Rights and Legal Rights

Rights are morally correct entitlements to do certain acts that are justifiable and legally protected by the law. The debate on whether rights are natural rights has been an exciting topic, with Philosophers like John Locke and Thomas Jefferson feeling that natural rights differ from legal rights and are not...

Words: 372 Pages: 2

Social Worker’s Response to the Gender Role Construct

Introduction Globally, every society has its gender characteristics and the social construction of gender roles, behaviors, and expectations, which is an essential aspect of the current culture. While gender is based on biological variations between men and women, unlike sex, it is intentionally imposed and socially manufactured. Gender roles, actions,...

Words: 1324 Pages: 6

Divine Command Theory and Natural Law Ethics

Divine Command Theory and Natural Law Ethics are ethical theories that govern human behavior. Both theories are based on the idea that an ethical system is a set of rules that govern human conduct. However, these two theories differ in several ways. Divine Command Theory states that God’s commands are...

Words: 639 Pages: 3

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr.

Introduction The “Letter from Birmingham Jail” has King’s personal views and racial issues experienced in society. His argument is based on the assumption that Christians should support his course of fighting against injustices. However, King effectively used rhetorical elements to persuade the liberal clergymen to agree with his argument about...

Words: 653 Pages: 3

The Ideal Society from a Sociological Perspective

Introduction Different aspects come together to build a society, including concepts such as norms, values, and beliefs that shape how people behave in communities. Social groups are significant in promoting interactions between human beings. Social rankings and classes exist in a society that shows people’s differences. An ideal society is...

Words: 2194 Pages: 9

The Influence of E-Cigarettes on Nicotine Addiction

The most widespread nicotine product among Americans is still tobacco cigarettes, although e-cigarette popularity has recently increased, particularly among former smokers. There are significant concerns that e-cigarettes will encourage more people to consume nicotine, especially young people. E-cigarettes serve as an entry point to nicotine use in adolescents by increasing...

Words: 568 Pages: 3

Barriers to Effective Communication

The process of passing information from one person to another, either verbally or non-verbally, is known as communication. Whenever a piece of information gets a different perception other than the intended, the communication is said to have hit a barrier. These breakdowns can be caused either intentionally or unintentionally, and...

Words: 413 Pages: 2

Substance Abusers: The Vulnerable Group

Introduction Vulnerable populations are found everywhere, and unluckily they are more prone to a hardship lifestyle because of medical situations. A vulnerable population, therefore, implies a group of people having similar features that propose the group members are at high risk of declined health status physically, mentally, and emotionally (Sullivan,...

Words: 1174 Pages: 5

Sexual Behavior and Violence: The Role of Drugs and Alcohol

Few crimes are as discussed and reviled in contemporary society as sexual assaults are. Yet paradoxically, despite being one of the most infamous activities, sexual violence is not sufficiently addressed by criminal justice. In fact, sexual behavior is so difficult to properly characterize that many people cannot identify when it...

Words: 1130 Pages: 5

Marijuana Legalization in Illinois

Marijuana arrests affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals every year, the vast majority of whom are Black or Latinx. The war on drugs unfairly targeted people of color and had no intention of improving public safety. Marijuana is a major component of the War on Drugs (WOD)...

Words: 922 Pages: 4

Animal Rights: Logical Fallacies and Opinions

Introduction Animal rights are views or arguments with moral grounds aimed to determine if animals deserve the right to be free from exploitation, similarly to people. Millions of animals continue to suffer and are killed every year by people for the sake of satisfying various desires. The animals are reared...

Words: 1778 Pages: 7
Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Information Systems for Business and Beyond

As an IT/IS manager, I consider a cloud CRM system offered by a reputed vendor to be the most appropriate choice. The cloud solution for the CRM system has several advantages that allow one to choose favor of it. A cloud CRM system is a service for managing business processes,...

Words: 404 Pages: 2
Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Human Performance Technology in Online Learning

Abstract Human performance technology combines methods that allow leaders to organize the practical work of all group members. Strategic planning is essential in teamwork to achieve positive results and to enable all participants to grow intellectually and develop their skills. The K-12 school environment is not the exception, and the...

Words: 2906 Pages: 12

Abortion Rights: Thomson’s Arguments

The question of abortion appropriateness continues to bother millions of people across the globe. Many arguments support and oppose this idea, and the discussion offered by Judith Jarvis Thomson at the beginning of the 1970s deserves recognition. On the one hand, Thomson does not deny that a fetus is a...

Words: 1197 Pages: 5

Discrimination Against Immigrants in the US

In most discussions about migration, the starting point is usually the growing statistics. Understanding changes in scale, emerging trends, and shifts in demographic indicators associated with global socio-economic transformations, such as migration, helps to realize the changing world and make plans for the future. According to estimates for 2019, there...

Words: 1692 Pages: 6

Women’s Empowerment and Race in Modern Society

Introduction Women empowerment is a critical part of contemporary society to unravel the problems posited by past generations that kept females subjugated. While there are notable women that have achieved greatness in the past, they did so amidst widespread dissent and hardships. Women play an integral role in society and...

Words: 637 Pages: 3

Worldviews and Communication of Asian and African American Women

Introduction Class division and culture determine the worldview people form and the way they communicate. Piaget and Vygotsky emphasized the importance of language in the formation of a worldview. The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis supports the claim that language has a significant impact on the formation of a person’s worldview (Trimboli, 2020)....

Words: 1300 Pages: 6