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Linguistics & Literature

The Nasal Assimilation Process in the Korean Language

Introduction Nasal assimilation is the conversion of a consonant into a nasal sound. Long-term phonological use of a language may affect how somebody pronounces words in another language; however, it does not hinder the recognition of the word pronounced. This issue is familiar to Koreans who speak English. The continued...


Global Warming Affecting the Wildlife

Introduction Global warming is the constant increase in earthly temperature for an extended period. Global warming has been witnessed since the pre-industrial error. For centuries scholars have been trying to determine the leading cause of global warming. Some academicians believe that global warming is a hoax used by organizations to...

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Canadian Identities in Their Diversity

Introduction Canada is geographically located to the south of the United States and it borders America’s Alaska province in the North-West. According to the Commonwealth (n.d.), Canada is the second largest nation in the world, closely located to the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. It contains diverse geographical features, including...


El Niño Southern Oscillation’s Effect on Oman Weather

Introduction A teleconnection is described as a variation of remote climates, and El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an example of such a phenomenon. It means that changes in the atmosphere in one place can affect weather in a different place that is miles away. ENSO is a phenomenon that...


Religious Studies and Theology

What is Religion? There are multiple definitions of religion, and each definition depends on the faith of the person defining it. Over centuries this question has been asked, and irrespective of the answer given, no definition was categorized as wrong or right. The general definition of religion is individuals sharing...

Linguistics & Literature

“The New Negro” by Alain Locke

The New Negro is a work that was popular during the Harlem Renaissance. Behind it is a more outspoken defense of the dignity of black people and a refusal to obey laws on racial segregation. Alain Leroy Locke was the man who popularized the term through his anthology. Locke also...

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Legalization of Marijuana in the US: Pros and Cons

Legalizing marijuana is a topic that has attracted many divergent views, making it to become controversial. In some jurisdictions in the United States and many other parts of the world, marijuana has been decriminalized, and people have been allowed to possess a specific maximum amount of the drug. The benefits...

Diet & Nutrition

Barriers Associated With Implementing Evidence-Based Care Among Nurses

Evidence based practice /care (EBP) suggests applying the accumulated/acquired practical knowledge for current and future clinical practice. Knowledge may come from within or external sources. Nurses are expected to update their knowledge by cultivating evidence based practice. This is not unique to nursing or for that matter health care profession...

Art & Design

World Heritage Sites: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens Case Study

Description and Key Features The Royal Exhibition property and Carlton Gardens is situated in Melbourne Australia and it covers an area of 26 hectares. At the centre is the Royal Exhibition building which is constructed using bricks, timber, steel and slate. Designed by Joseph Reeds of Reeds and Barnes Architects,...

Entertainment & Media

Adolescents Using Social Media, Social Networking

Social media is an integral part in the lives of many people, especially adolescents. By changing the way social interactions between peers are carried out, they have the potential to cause significant negative effects on one’s development and mental well-being. This paper identifies a number of factors related to social...

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Entertainment & Media

Agenda Setting Theory and Practical Application

Agenda Setting Theory Agenda Setting Theory is a communication theory that describes how the media influences the public’s perception and acceptability of specific topics. The public deems an issue important if the media covers it more frequently (Floyd et al., 2017). The truth is that the mass media is highly...


Objectification of Women Through Female Genital Mutilation

Introduction Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a customary practice wherein the outside female genitalia is part of the way or completely etched or extracted for a non-helpful explanation, ordinarily without the person’s consent. The training is found in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and other nations in which FGM is...


Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports Organizations

The world today believes that companies have a responsibility to the markets in which they operate. Organizations have the power to influence and affect stakeholders’ lives. For this reason, corporations strive to make a positive impact on stakeholders who contribute to their profitability. In the twenty-first century, charitable behavior and...


Austria and France: Impacts and Causes of World War I and World War II

The First World War (WW 1) took place between 1914 and 1918. This war took place as a result of the struggle between the great powers of the world. On the other hand, the Second World War (WW 2) took place between 1939 and 1945. It resulted from the conflict...


Wesleyan Perspectives and Doctrine of Holiness

According to the essential tenets of the Wesleyan Doctrine, the phenomenon of holiness is the direct product of faith. Therefore, the Wesleyan theory implies that the internal change will inevitably cause outward positive changes (Leclerc, 2010). Focusing on the notion of the continuous improvement and spiritual progress, Wesley emphasized that...


Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan and the Indian Ocean

Introduction Tsunamis are mainly caused by earthquakes, volcanic activities, landslides primarily on the floor of the oceans. A tsunami occurs as a disturbance in the sea where large waves rise to very high heights and may hit the coastlines. This paper explores the causes, degree of destruction, size of landmass...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Evaluation of Current Project Management Practices

Introduction Project management is a broad subject and a concept used in almost all types of organizations, industries, and sectors. Managing a project means taking it through several steps from the start to its completion. The stages are called project life cycle, which entails a series of steps through which...


Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety

Bill Provision The Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2019 seeks to amend the Public Health Service Act by introducing a specific patient-nurse staffing ratio condition for direct personalized services in hospitals. The United States of America House of Representatives and Senate have a mandate...


Breach of Contract Case Analysis

The Issue The issue to be further analyzed in this paper is concerned with a breach of contract by one party, which led to the decrease of revenue incurred by the non-breaching party, Party A and Party B respectively. Party A purchased a car in a wholesale market for $15,000...


Leadership Development in Football Management

Introduction Leaders form a central part of organisational achievement, and their effectiveness is inevitable to ensure success toward the set goals and objectives. However, there is no rule to ascertain what is required for one leader to be more effective than another. The implication is that there is no universal...

Family, Life & Experiences

Dynamic Capabilities and Digital Orientation in the UAE

Abstract Research Purpose – The purpose of this study is to explore whether dynamic capabilities and digitalization support the improvement of hotel supply chains during crisis times based on the case of UAE, as well as to recommend potential service-level improvements to drive customer-centric thinking. Research Methodology – A quantitative...