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Principle of Commercial Law

Introduction The area of corporate law focuses on the establishment of new business entities. This field addresses issues that emerge from the interaction of businesses with the government, other companies, and the public. The subject of business law is multidisciplinary since it covers the areas of intellectual property, tax law,...


Middle-Class Native American Adolescents: Immersion Project

Introduction Native Americans are regarded as another ethnic minority in the USA despite the fact that those people’s ancestors were born in this land. The life of these people has received significant attention, and much is known about the life on an Indian reservation. People living in such communities face...

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Case Study: State of Florida v. Casey Anthony

Defendant Casey Marie Anthony was charged, tried, and acquitted of the death penalty in the murder of her daughter, Caylee. Rockefeller (2016) states that her background before the trial is objectively consistent with the hypothesis of the mother killing the child since the woman led a riotous lifestyle. The lead...

Entertainment & Media

How Does Advertising Affect Price Elasticity?

Abstract The topic of the project is how advertising affects price elasticity. Key research questions are what factors determine the effect of advertising, how advertising character influences price elasticity, how promotion impacts the customer mindset in the long-term perspectives and what companies should consider when adjusting their price and marketing...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Microscopy & Cells: Laboratory Experiment

Cheek Cell (animal) – the marked cell components are the nucleus and cell membrane. Elodea (plant) – the marked cell components are the cell wall and chloroplast that appear as the green dots. A compound microscope’s total magnifying power is determined by multiplying the ocular lens’ magnifying power with the...

Art & Design

Interior Design Project Scheduling

The optimization of project management in interior design forms the top priority of any interior designer. Project management and coordination is a massive undertaking that requires effective scheduling, bidding, budgeting, contract administration, deficiency listing and decommissioning, and post-occupancy evaluation. To effectively achieve this, it is the duty of an interior...

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Religion Promoting Culture and Rights of Native Americans

Religion, being a part of cultural manifestations, has always been an essential side of various human communities’ lives. Usually, it presents a fusion of the most important values and knowledge of a particular people. In the case of Native American peoples, there is a split between acquired Christianity and preserved...

Entertainment & Media

The Role of Music in the Films “The Hours and the Third Man”

Abstract Since the invention of motion pictures, music has been a vital tool as a communication medium in films. As a matter of fact, the use of music resonates on the facets of the plot and its significance in defining and modeling the synopsis via creation of desired effects. Often,...


The Motives of Individual Soldiers Who Fought in the Civil War

Introduction The American civil war was fought between 1861 and 1865 in the USA, as a response to the election of Abraham Lincoln as president. The southern states that comprised slaves wanted to secede from the federal government, while 25 states remained and supported the federal government. After the 4-year...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Turkey Country Risk Analysis

Abstract The purpose of this study is to carry out risk analysis in a country and determine the best way to manage the risk. The country of consideration in this case is Turkey. As a country, Turkey is in between Middle East and Europe and has mixed culture between the...

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The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Price

Introduction Over the recent past, marketing has grown both in popularity and importance and has become a very important functional area of a business organization. Businesses have been forced to come up with means and ways of ensuring that their products appeal to the consumers (Svend, 2010) which leads to...


Consumer Culture in China and the Middle Class

Introduction China’s unique consumer culture dates back to the late twentieth century when it was closely related to nationalism and acted as an aid to patriotism. According to Gerth, Chinese consumption trends in the 1920s were directed by the slogan ‘Chinese should consume China made products’ (4). The motive behind...


Aviation Crisis Management

Brief Introduction Aircraft crashes can become a crisis for the aircraft manufacturer because people will question the viability of the aircraft flying. The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight 302 clash is a sad moment for the family of the people involved. The flight crashed six minutes after takeoff...

Art & Design

“Forrest Gump” Movie Analysis

The 1994 film, Forrest Gump, follows the titular character through a variety of historical events. The film is narrated by Gump himself and begins with him getting ‘special shoes’, which are leg braces that should straighten his back. He is rejected from a public school at first, though his mother...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Nuclear Chemistry in Nuclear Reactors

The fission reaction is carried out in the main unit of a nuclear power plant – a nuclear reactor. Nuclear fission is the decay of a heavy atomic nucleus (uranium, for example) into two or more light nuclei. It is accompanied by the emission of two or three neutrons and...

Linguistics & Literature

Mythology. Theseus – A Hero for All Ages

Theseus is still important and depicted as a hero to this day, having spent his entire life as a warrior, completing daring feats, and being used as the hero character in contemporary media. The ancient Athenians saw the various heroic acts accredited to him as the actions that contributed to...


Violence in Video Games and Movies

Many people criticize the depiction of violence in video games and movies. They claim that this can provoke children and adults to aggressive behavior and commit bad deeds. On the other hand, it is hard to imagine an action movie or any story-driven computer game without violence. Thus, I believe...

Linguistics & Literature

The Second Language Acquisition: Age Significance

Introduction It is a boundless conviction that the acquisition of a second language is a lot simpler for kids compared to grown-ups. It is said that the younger the learner, the faster the language acquisition will be. The equivalent applies for the assumption that a grown-up student of an unknown...


Problems of Being Black in America

Introduction 2020 will go down as one of the most challenging and transformative periods of redefining the role of racism in modern and future society. Being a Black person in the United States is a complex experience that encompasses the realities and fears of living in a sizeable White-dominated community...


Is Terrorism a Serious Threat to International and National Security?

Terrorism is without doubt the most addressed security threat of this century. The ensuing response to this threat by both the developed and developing countries raises many questions. Terrorism dates back to 66AD when the first terrorism-like incidences were first witnessed in Palestine. Therefore, terrorism is not in way a...


Changes to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a statutory regulation that mandates the development of national guidelines to prevent confidential patient health details from being exposed without the patient’s permission or approval. To enforce HIPAA standards, the...