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Art & Design

Nottingham Lace Market: Preservation and Regeneration of Spaces

Introduction Previously a thriving industrial district and one of the leading centres of lace production, the Nottingham Lace Market went on a sharp decline in the second half of the twentieth century. The physical core of the neighbourhood consisting of distinctive industrial buildings faced abandonment of demolition as it had...

Art & Design

The Uprising of Hip-Hop: Music History

Abstract Hip-hop culture opened a new era in sound effects and musical genres. The history of hip-hop goes back to the 1970s when such pioneers as DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaata created conceptually new musical beats and rhythms. Hip-hop trends and musical innovations became a cultural trend that had...

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Abraham Lincoln as a Genuine Abolitionist

Introduction Abraham Lincoln is considered a great emancipator who abolished slavery and gave freedom for black population. On January 31, 1865, the proposal for the Thirteenth Amendment came to a final vote in the House. All together, thirteen Democrats this day voted in favor of the amendment, besides the four...


Abraham Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery

An Overview of Slavery The convention of slavery has its roots in the link between dominance and submission, under which an individual commands another person and holds full control over him he might take labor and other services from him/her. Slavery has been evident among a number of categories usually...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Scope Verification Process in Project Management

Tools and Techniques Used for a Project (for the Peters Company Project) In order to initiate the scope verification procedure, specific attention should be given to the inspection process, particularly to the product review. Because the primary purpose of the project management lay in defining the correct material to be...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Network Technology in Modern Business

Introduction In recent years, network technology becomes a populate approach that helps companies to solve problems of daily communication and increase productivity. Networks appear to be significant in knowledge capture, knowledge building, and knowledge dissemination. At a corporate worldwide network both captured underwriting transactions to update the corporate database and...

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Domestic Violence: Factors and Reasons

Factors that are associated with domestic violence Many factors can be associated with Domestic Violence. These factors are the reason why people get involved in domestic violence. One very common factor that is associated with domestic violence is the childhood of the person who inflicts the violence. This person is...

Linguistics & Literature

“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley appeared in 1818 and describes the problems of modern science and its consequences for humanity. The uniqueness of the novel is that Frankenstein has literary merits to ‘frighten and amaze’ (Mellor 45). There is much historical interest in the work as an example of...

Art & Design

Museum of Fine Arts — West Wing and Renovation

Summary The analysis focuses on the designs of I. M. Pei, including the Extension to the Christian Science Center (1971‐1973) and the West Wing Addition to the Museum of Fine Arts (completed 1981) both located in Boston, MA. Program The West Wing Addition program was considered an opportunity to add...

Art & Design

Christian Science Center Complex

For this assignment, I have visited both required buildings Extension to the Christian Science Center and the West Wing Addition to the Museum of Fine Arts while both of them are located in Boston. I can freely claim that the modern vision of the art places plays a critical role...

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Art & Design

Extension of the Christian Science Center

Summary The two structures, an extension of the Christian Science Center and the West Wing addition to the Museum of Fine Arts designed by I.M. Pei & Associates display a fusion of traditional marble-brick design and modern steel-glass. The structures are towering, spacious, and unique in the interior and exterior...

Art & Design

Christian Science Center Extension and the Linde Family Wing

Introduction This paper presents a detailed comparison and contrast of two architectural projects – the Christian Science Center extension (comprised of the Sunday School building, also known as Reflection Hall (235 Huntington Avenue), the Colonnade building (101 Belvidere Street), the 26-story Administration building (177 Huntington Avenue), now named after its...


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Abstract This paper undertakes a peer review of a research article that employs a partisan lens to respond to some of the most prominent issues that cropped up after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed into law. The research article focuses on the political controversies that continue to surround...


Legal Rights Afforded to the Accused

Introduction The case is focused on John Doe, a person that has committed a felony and was caught because of shoplifting. The problem is that he has started to make incriminating statements during the time of the arrest. Several sources were consulted to get a better understanding of the case....


Class as a Determinant of Health

Introduction Class as a determinant of health plays a critical role in indicating the level of inequality within the social settings. In class-divided societies, people are classified according to education level, occupation and even housing conditions (Marmot 2004). The indicators of socio-economic status and rates of mortality, morbidity, and disability...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Providing the Operation Security

Introduction To begin with, it should be stated that information security, as well as operation security, entails the principles of keeping information and information flow (which is even more important) safe. These strategies entail the principles of information confidentiality, integrity and availability of information also entailing access control and undermining...


The Problem of the Homelessness

Abstract Statistics show that most of the cities in America are experiencing an influx of the number of homeless people. This shows that a step has to be taken to control the situation. On the other part, some cities have experienced a reduction in the number of homeless people. This...

Sciences, Tech & Engineering

Prince2®: Project Management Methodology

Introduction Project management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling activities to achieve a goal while predicting and eliminating risks. According to Jugdev et al. (2013), various methodologies and tools are implemented to ensure the project’s success. Focusing on scheduling, setting objectives, and allocating resources allow project managers to...


Children Aged From 5 to 18 and Their Caregivers

Bergman, AS., Axberg, U. & Hanson, E. (2017). When a parent dies – a systematic review of the effects of support programs for parentally bereaved children and their caregivers. BMC Palliat Care 16, 39. Web. The purpose of this research was to systematically review studies on the effects of support...


Karl Marx vs Max Weber: Views on Capitalism

Karl Marx vs. Max Weber The social order of the state is an essential determinant of life chances every individual can have. It can be defined as the particular organization, or structure of society that imposes specific values, rules, standards, norms, and practices on its members. It is a hierarchy...


Disaster Management, Process and Leadership

Introduction Numerous natural disasters occur in the United States every year. It appears to be essential to identify what actors are responsible for the direction and control of disaster operations. Moreover, management processes, including communication methods, criteria for determining the lead position during an emergency, and other vital details should...