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📝 Abuse Research Papers Examples

  1. Child Abuse Problems
    This paper examines from a broader perspective (social works perspective) major forms of child abuse, causes of child abuse and finally a few remedies to the vice in our societies.
  2. Child Abuse Reasons in the United States
    Child abuse is the physical, sexual, or psychological neglect of a child by a parent or caregiver. The US has the highest child abuse record among industrialized countries.
  3. Violence in the Family and Child Abuse
    The paper will examine why spanking is still legal in Canada before providing a brief history of child abuse laws.
  4. Physical Child Abuse: Preventing and Help
    Physical child abuse impacts the growth of children negatively hence requires the establishment of effective ways of preventing its occurrence and the means of helping the victims.
  5. Adolescent Substance Abuse Factors and Treatment
    Adolescent substance abuse is a serious problem. This paper covers three most common factors as well as the most effective type of treatment for substance abusers.
  6. Combating Drug Abuse in the United States
    Marijuana should be legalized in the United States to avoid the negative implications that are associated with the illegal trade in the drug.
  7. Drug Abuse in Facts and Numbers
    There is a popular belief that addiction is someone one would be able to prevent or control by taking moderate doses of substances.
  8. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Young People
    Teenagers tend to become bored easily and experience frequent emotional highs and lows. These are all potential factors in teenage drug use.
  9. Child Abuse Trauma: Theory and Treatment
    There are also instances when children undergo intense catastrophes that may alter the rest of their lives. One example of these life-altering catastrophes is child sexual abuse.
  10. The Universal Problem of Drug Abuse
    This paper is an overview arguments of proponents of legalization of drugs and existing drug policies, shows significant benefits can indeed be obtained.
  11. Teens Abuse of Prescription Drugs
    Many teens abuse prescription and over-the-counter drugs to get high, lessen the impact of intimidation, to socialize in parties, escape reality, to experiment, or relieve boredom.
  12. Drug Abuse as Voluntary Suicide
    Drug and alcohol abuse is like voluntary suicide. The effects of substance abuse are vast and problematic in every society. Substance abuse aids the spread of AIDS, pun intended.
  13. The Factors Involved in Child Abuse
    This paper is aimed to designate all factors involved in the cause-and-effect connection of main variables making more or fewer impacts on this problem.
  14. The Problem of Alcohol Abuse of Adolescents
    This paper addresses the issue of teen drinking in terms of its causes and effects and the role of society in this issue.
  15. Effects of Substance Abuse Amongst the Military
    Soldiers have over the years continued to test positive for drugs during the normal urine tests that are done in the military despite the measures that are put into place.
  16. Canadian Law: Systematic and Methodical Inquiry in to Child Abuse
    Canada became a U.N. Convention signatory in 1991 and agreed to uphold the rights of children. Canada is therefore accountable with regard to children rights.
  17. Family Violence in Canada. Physical and Emotional Abuses
    Canada has a very long history as far as violence is concerned. Almost every form of violence can be seen in the society including family violence, student violence and gangster violence.
  18. Child Sexual Abuse Issue in Society
    Sexual abuse can have many important outcomes. Many of the people who became the victims of sexual abuse show the tendency to develop fear and anxiety.
  19. Drug Abuse in Adolescents: The Causes
    Scientists estimate that about one in two American teenagers has at least the initial experience of using narcotic illicit substances.
  20. Social Learning Theory: Child Support Services for Abused Children
    It is not justifiable to watch as a child is subjected to unfair treatment by a parent who has parenting problems as a result of emotional disturbances emanating.

💡 Essay Ideas on Abuse

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  1. Battling Substance Abuse During the Army
  2. Client Interactions and Substance Abuse
  3. Child Abuse and Children of All Race and Age
  4. Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse
  5. Dealing With Substance Abuse Amongst Nurses
  6. Alcohol Abuse Among College Students and Risk Factors
  7. The Dominant Power Abuse and State Aid in European Union
  8. Behavior Therapy and Adolescent Drug Abuse
  9. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders
  10. Crisis Intervention for Victims of Physical Child Abuse
  11. Bipolar Individuals With Comorbid Alcohol Abuse
  12. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Bulimia
  13. Black and Blue: Police Abuse of Force
  14. Behavioral Intervention Strategies for Alcohol Abuse
  15. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on the United States
  16. Criminal Offenses and Substance Abuse
  17. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse
  18. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Effects on Marital Functioning
  19. Alcohol Abuse Among College Students and Possible Solutions
  20. Reducing Substance Abuse Among College Students
  21. Correlation Between Aids and Substance Abuse
  22. Domestic Abuse and the Death of Lisa Steinberg
  23. Correlation Between Child Abuse and Schizophrenia
  24. Gap Between Health Care and Child Abuse
  25. Causes Effects and Solutions to Sexual Abuse
  26. Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse Disorder
  27. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on the Increase of the Drug
  28. Child Abuse: Protecting Children From Abuse and Neglect
  29. Connection Between Child Abuse and Delinquency
  30. American Drug Abuse McCuen and Winkler
  31. Community Support Intervention for Alcohol Abuse
  32. Child Abuse and African American Children
  33. Sexual Abuse Among Males and Females
  34. Connection Between Animal Abuse and Other Violence
  35. Community Intervention Against Domestic Abuse
  36. Decreasing Child Abuse With Nurse Partnership
  37. Drug Abuse Among Professional Athletes
  38. The Domestic Abuse Policy of the NFL in the United States
  39. Domestic Abuse and the Damages It Causes to the Victims
  40. Behavioral Addictions and Substance Abuse Addictions

❓Abuse Research Questions

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  1. Does Child Abuse Cause Crime?
  2. Why Don’t Men Report Domestic Abuse?
  3. Why Are Child Victims of Sexual Abuse at Greater Risk of HIV?
  4. When Should Teachers Report Child Abuse?
  5. How Can Animal Abuse Be Prevented?
  6. Why Should Educators Not Abuse Alcohol?
  7. Does the Supreme Court Abuse Its Power?
  8. How Does Your School Abuse Power?
  9. Did Napoleon Abuse the Ideas of the French Revolution?
  10. Why Do Offenders Abuse Children?
  11. How Has Alcohol Abuse Become Part of the Culture in Many Societies?
  12. Does Sexual Abuse Lead To Homosexuality?
  13. Does the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program Work?
  14. Does Spousal Abuse Have Permanent Effects?
  15. How Do Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Childhood?
  16. How Does Childhood Sexual Abuse Affects the Child Through?
  17. What Causes Parents to Abuse Their Children?
  18. How Does Child Abuse Effects StudentsТ Education?
  19. Why Would Someone Abuse a Child?
  20. How Can Adlerian Art Therapy Impact Sexual Abuse and Assault?
  21. What Causes Teenage Drug Abuse?
  22. How Does Substance Abuse in Utero Affect a Child?
  23. Does Child Abuse and Neglect Lead to Bullying?
  24. How Does the Agency and Alcohol Abuse Affect Children From?
  25. How Can Society Fight Against a Hidden Abuse?
  26. Does Child Abuse Create a Psychopath?
  27. What Can Athletic Directors Do About the Steroid Abuse Crisis?
  28. When Does Discipline Cross the Line to Child Abuse?
  29. Does Substance Abuse Cause Mental Disorders?
  30. What Causes Sexual Abuse of a Child?

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