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📝 Technology Research Papers Examples

  1. People Dependence on Technology
    People have become overly dependent on technology much to the compromise of their social and family lives. People no longer need to attend school to get degrees.
  2. Technology Development Influence on People’s Life
    Technology has its positive and negative influence on people, society and environment, however, its impact on our lives is determined by the way we use it.
  3. Technology Development Impacts
    The purpose of this paper is to carry out research to find out the positive effects and the negative effects of technology in the society.
  4. Are Human Addicted to Technology?
    New technologies are emerging daily as people continue to integrate technology into their lives for improved performance and efficiency.
  5. Innovation and Disruptive Technology in Business
    Technology enables business enterprises to automate their operations, cut down operating expenses, improve marketing and reach a wider market that extends beyond borders.
  6. Radio Frequency Identification Technology and Its Benefits
    In this paper, the benefits of RFID technology will be discussed, and a case study used to show its application in a real-world business environment.
  7. Internet and Social Media Technology in the Family Context
    Our generation lives in the age of unprecedented technologic development. The heavy use of the internet by children and adolescents is a serious issue for the modern families.
  8. Technology Teaching Design for Advanced Math Learning
    The study indicated that the positive effects of the technologies in learning mathematics increase with time as the proficiency of the teachers’ use of technology improves.
  9. Modern Technology's Influence on Our Minds
    It is imperative to mention that the impact of modern technologies on minds of the population is a topic that has been actively discussed over the last few years.
  10. Cloud Computing Technology Issues
    Cloud technology faces such issues as low customer protection, loss of data, convolution, high costs, legal tussles, and government regulation.
  11. Wifi Network in Rural Areas: Wind Belt-Cantenna Technology
    This paper examines the challenges that might be encountered in the course of implementing Wi-Fi technology in the rural US using wind belt-cantenna technology.
  12. Information Technology and Business Transformation
    Information technology helps many companies execute their accounting practices. The technology also encourages the use of the internet for business communication.
  13. Technology’s Impact on the World: Development and Innovation
    This paper discusses different anthropological issues pertaining to technology's impact on the world: increasing globalization and fostering uneven development between nations.
  14. Media Technology to Support Classroom Instruction
    The study looks at factors playing a central role in influencing the adoption of new media technologies in high school teaching. The research is based on the case study of a California school.
  15. Networking Technology Project Processes
    This paper develops processes for the networking technology project: initiating, planning, executing, project monitoring and controlling, and closing.
  16. Information Technology Infrastructure
    IT infrastructure is a combination of computer hardware, software, and services provided to maintain the infrastructure. Throughout the last 50 years, IT infrastructure gradually evolved.
  17. Educational Technology Policy Issue
    Educational policies are the primary guidelines that teachers use in their daily practices. This paper aims to examine the problem of emerging technology usage in education.
  18. Technology and Children
    This paper argues that technology has negative effects on children, and therefore, their exposure should be regulated and closely monitored.
  19. Education Technology: Online and Computer-Based
    The study's topic is education technology with a focus on online and computer-based education. Technology is considered as a critical component of human operations.
  20. Information Technology for Business Improvement
    This paper seeks to identify a problem within a business that can be addressed using technological solutions and discuss it using question and answer forum.
  21. Technology-Based Learning in School Settings
    Technology-based learning objectives are important for a school and there are several ways in which it can be encouraged in school.
  22. Videoconferencing Technology Use in Education
    The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the scholarly body of information surrounding videoconferencing.
  23. Interpersonal Communication and Technology
    Technology has changed the concept of communication, since most people prefer to use virtual means of interaction instead of face-to-face interaction.
  24. Information and Communication Technology: Impacts on Society
    This paper undertakes an understanding of how this technology and the advent of network society are set to change the face of learning, education, and knowledge.
  25. Vehicle Tracking Technology Project Management
    The research discusses project management in a decentralized organization drawing its rationale from a case on the decentralized International Humanitarian Organization.
  26. Online Learning and Teaching with Technology
    Online learning occurs when the student and instructor are separated. Due to a variety courses in the online learning, students are able to study in their preferred courses online.
  27. Technology's Impact on the New Generation
    Compared to the old generation, the new generation has completely different ways of working. Unlike the old generation, the new generation loves teamwork.
  28. Technology-Based Education and Learning Outcomes
    This study evaluates online and computer-based education and its impacts on the education system with respect to student satisfaction and learning outcomes.
  29. Mobile Learning Technology in the UAE
    This paper discusses trends in using mobile learning technology in the UAE with the focus on its advantages and disadvantages for the teaching-learning process.

🏆 Best Technology Essay Titles

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  1. Monitoring Toddlers Technology
    This paper will examine the various positive aspects of technology use for children while addressing the most common positions against the practice.
  2. Li-Fi Technology: Goals and Significance
    The secondary research is selected for this study in order to focus on collecting and analyzing the existing data on Li-Fi technology.
  3. The Impact of Information Technology on Public Sector
    This essay assesses the impact of Information Technology on the public sector and public services globally and in the MENA region.
  4. Educational Technology Issues
    This paper aims to determine literature and determine the influence of emerging technology usage policy on teachers.
  5. Supporting Learning and Leadership with Technology
    This paper discusses the best technologies for proper learning and leadership, and identifies the best theories and principles for learning using different educational technologies.
  6. "Information Technology and Innovation" by Jon‐Arild Johannessen
    "Information Technology and Innovation: Identifying Critical Innovation Factors" by Johannessen examines the central role that IT plays in influencing organizational change.
  7. Impact of Information Technology on a Student's Life
    Even though the information technologies are really helpful in the everyday life, there are a number of disadvantages connected with the issue.
  8. Information Technology in Saudi Arabia' Education
    This essay analyses the application of ICT in the education system of Saudi Arabia by examining policy in terms of origin and issues that arise from the adoption and implementation of ICT.
  9. Learning, Practice and Technology in Education
    Teaching is all about human interaction, although it, sometimes, occurs in large classrooms and might not entail individual communication with the faculty members.
  10. Educational Technology: Modern and Future Trends
    In this paper, the concept of educational technology is explored with specific reference to its social, historical and philosophical foundations.
  11. Technology Benefits in Early Childhood Education
    Despite the doubts about the use of technology in early education, it should be integrated into the curriculum to provide young students with more opportunities to learn easily.
  12. Global Technology Trends
    Global technology trends serve to enable conduction of business activities in an efficient way. It enables processes and activities to be done in a professional way that satisfies customers at lower costs.
  13. Concept of the Education Technology
    From the elementary schools to the higher learning institutions, educational experts have created means of transferring educational information from the teachers to the learners.
  14. Disruptive and Incremental Innovation in Technology
    Disruptive and incremental innovation are quickly becoming the buzz-words of the global industry. Incremental and disruptive innovation are two opposite types of innovation.
  15. Accounting Technology and Future Fraud Issues
    This paper explores the future of accounting technology and focuses on issues related to cloud computing, enterprise resource planning systems and fraud accounting.
  16. Technology in Society: Too Much or Not?
    This paper has pointed out that unless users face overwhelming demand from technology, then the case of too much technology does not suffice.
  17. Information Technology for Global Businesses
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss how information technology has influenced the way businesses operate in a global environment.
  18. Virtual Reality Technology in Soccer Referee Training
    Soccer referees can greatly benefit by training using the latest technology known as Virtual Reality (VR). A referee can use the technology to capture live updates.
  19. Mobile Media: Monitoring Toddlers and Technology
    The children of my friends are just as proficient with mobile technology as my son, and perhaps it may be an issue.
  20. Information Technology Employee Satisfaction Study
    The primary objective of the review is to outline the key methodologies used for data collection and analysis of the IT worker's job satisfaction.
  21. Innovative Technology in a Teacher’s Practice
    This paper discusses the context of the requirement by examining the empirical data and identifying whether the absence of training affects the implementation of emergent technologies.
  22. Analytics, Interfaces, and Cloud Technology
    Analytics and cloud technology are essential business tools for organizations in the modern-day environment that is typified by relatively high levels of competition.
  23. Information and Communications Technology Management
    Technology management should seek a balance between the advantages and drawbacks. Effective ICT technology leadership is crucial for successful ICT project implementations.
  24. How Has Technology Impacted the Development of International Business and the Countries’ Economic Growth Over the Last 20 Years?
    There has been huge technological growth in the 20th and 21st centuries. Informational technology (IT) has changed the global business and started the global economic development.
  25. The Link With Technology Strategy and Company Performance
    The definition of technological innovation can be tackled from two directions acknowledging different aspects of the phenomenon.
  26. Project Management for Information Technology
    Information technology proposes great opportunities for a modern business to compete and improve its operations.
  27. Information Technology and Software for Companies
    In this era of high information technology, the role played by IT in shaping the future of companies has been recognized as vital.
  28. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Organization
    The purpose of this paper is to brings a major benefit of improved understanding of ITIL Approaches as a way to run and control information flow to protect as of the copyright.

👍 Good Technology Essay Topics to Write about

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  1. Use of Multimedia, Electronic & Computer Technology for Education Process and Instruction: The Role of Teachers
    The use of audio/video equipped devices based electronic equipments will keep the development of the learning tools in accordance with the requirement of digital world in which the students are residing.
  2. Information and Communication Technology and Society
    The Rapid development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is giving birth to several questions relating to its negative and positive effects on society.
  3. Information and Communication Technology in Schools
    Information and Communication Technology has a high impact on education system. The use of ICT in schools has increased dramatically and this trend will continue to accelerate.
  4. Information Technology. Networking Advantages
    Networking is done by using hardware as well as the software of a computer and this is how the networks are built.
  5. Information Technology Support Groundwater Management
    Groundwater Management is a relatively new technology, though certain portions of it have been around for centuries.
  6. Technology and Human Relationships
    This research paper seeks to find out the positive and negative impacts of technological advancement on human behavior and their relationships.
  7. Role of Green Building in Sustainable Building Technology
    Sustainability is motivated by realization that resources available for construction are becoming scarce day by day.
  8. Technology and Media for Students and Children
    Media and technology have the capability of working as tutors when the student is exposed to teaching aids like videos, sound clips, and online assignments.
  9. Implementation of New Technology
    This paper seeks to determine the most effective way through which a new technology system should be implemented or introduced to a company.
  10. Student’s Use of Technology
    This paper is an investigation of the appropriateness of allowing students to use technology while they are in school.
  11. Information Technology Impact on Business Operations
    Information technology is beneficial to customers since it enables quick data access and faster service delivery.
  12. Phenomenon of the Information Technology
    This essay is an attempt to make a description of the effects that the information technology evolution has on the individual.
  13. Managing the Rapid Change in Information Technology
    New technologies have a great impact on the global market. The accuracy, timeliness and the content of information influence the working process of intellectual personnel.
  14. People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology
    The need to make work easier has driven man to become more innovative in coming up with technological advancements that can help accelerate the speed of our work.
  15. Nanotechnology NeverWet
    NeverWet™ is a water-resistant coating developed by Ross Nanotechnology that can be applied to a variety of items to make them effectively waterproof.
  16. Impact of Information Technology on Youth Development
    IT technologies strongly affect the life of the younger generation. They allow to develop in new areas of knowledge, engage in self-improvement.
  17. How Information Technology Can Be Used to Gain a Competitive Advantage?
    Within the context of the Verizon Wireless Inc. case study, the report illustrates how such a company can attain a higher competitive advantage through the V Cast.
  18. Information Technology Governance
    Information Technology governance is a field that deals with IT systems within companies to help them discover their full potential.
  19. Information Technology Infrastructure
    Information technology plays a very vital role in the running of a business: that is through systems such as software’s which enable the business to function efficiently.
  20. Effective Information Technology Support Teams
    Effective technology support teams are very flexible and motivated; they are characterized by good communication and frequent learning so that they can enhance IT systems.
  21. Internet Security and Information Technology Project Management
    This paper analyses the effects of the internet on information security, its effect on organizations' security, and solutions to internet problems.
  22. Super Crunchers by Ian Ayres: Information Technology Revolution
    The book super crunchers by Ian Ayres informs us of the application of simple statistical models to large data sets.
  23. Virtual Private Network Technology
    This paper examines the nature of virtual private networks (VPN) as well as their secure establishments within public networks.
  24. Information Technology: Issues of Trust
    Transparency and communication enable a sustainable trust to be built in minimizing information technology security risks and interruptions of the systems.
  25. Impact of Information Technology Business Outsourcing and Off-Shoring
    Organizations have resorted to carrying out IT business outsourcing and off-shoring by pursuing the advantages that come with it.
  26. Technology Integration Ideas in Education
    Integration of word processing programs in class ensures that lower-grade students have basic information on how to operate a computer, making work easier for them.
  27. Information Technology Systems Scenario
    Desktop virtualization is the process by which a computer hosts a virtual hardware system that enables a user to run different operating systems on one device at the same time.
  28. Impact of Computer Technology on Architecture
    This paper will analyze how computer technology has changed the field of architecture with emphasis on the various CAD software used by architects.

💡 Essay Ideas on Technology

  1. Advanced Technology Improves Our Quality of Life
  2. Data Communications Technology Integration
  3. Cognitive Skill and Technology Diffusion
  4. Advanced Flight Deck Technology for Safety
  5. Alternative Frameworks for Technology Strategy
  6. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Adoption in India
  7. Developing Technology in the Classroom
  8. Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology
  9. The Growing Importance of Mobile Commerce Technology
  10. Advantages of Energy Technology Data Center Migration
  11. Blockchain Technology for Sustainable Waste Management
  12. Astronomy and Related Space Technology
  13. Advanced Routing Technology for Fast Ip Network Recovery
  14. A Critical Analysis of the Genetic Modification Technology
  15. Asymmetric Oligopoly and Technology Transfers
  16. Anti Social Media and Deadly Technology
  17. Economic Incentives for Clean Coal Technology Deployment
  18. Business Information and Communication Technology
  19. Data-Driven Decision Making With Technology
  20. Capacity Planning for Information Technology
  21. Clean Technology Adoption Under Cournot Competition
  22. Cognizant Technology Solutions: Fit the Firm’s
  23. Exploring Technological Advancements in the Health Sector in the UK
  24. Banking Transformation Through Information Technology in India
  25. Communications Technology and Information Systems
  26. Clean Technology for Air Pollution Reduction
  27. Building Chinese Global Brands Through Soft Technology Transfer
  28. Treating Obesity With Advanced Technology
  29. Developing Technology Into All Facets of the Curriculum
  30. Bank Marketing Analysis Using Big Data Technology
  31. Chemical Industry and the Effects of Information Technology
  32. Advanced Information and Communication Technology at eBay
  33. Adopting Energy Saving Technology
  34. Applying Technology to the Health Care Industry
  35. Bank Profits and Banking Technology Issues
  36. Blockchain Technology for Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience
  37. Advancing Academic Sucess Through Technology
  38. Investigating the Relationship Between Technology and the Rules of War
  39. Commercializing Solar Technology Analysis
  40. Economic Growth Through Technology

❓ Technology Research Questions

  1. Can Modern Technology Alter the Thought Process?
  2. Does Technology Cause More Harm Than Good?
  3. Has Technology Made Communication Better?
  4. Are American Farmers Better off as a Result of Technology Gains?
  5. How Can Technology Help Small Businesses?
  6. Are Technology Shocks Nonlinear?
  7. Can Technology Replace Libraries?
  8. Can Computer Technology Improve the Lives of People in the World?
  9. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Workplaces?
  10. Can Technology Affect Ethics and Culture?
  11. Will Social Media Technology Replace Print Media as the Primary Source of Information in the Years to Come?
  12. Are Academic Spin-Offs Necessarily New Technology-Based Firms?
  13. If Technology Results in Mental Health Problems, Can It Also Be the Solution?
  14. Are Ecosystem Services Replaceable by Technology?
  15. Does Free Trade Promote Environmental Technology Transfer?
  16. To What Extent Technology Has Changed the Way People Communicate?
  17. Does Technology Cause Social Isolation?
  18. Does Foreign Direct Investment Transfer Technology Across Borders?
  19. Can Network Theory-Based Targeting Increase Technology Adoption?
  20. Has Technology Changed the World for the Better?
  21. Can Digital Technology Change Consumer Behavior?
  22. Does Technology Change Culture or Culture Change Technology?
  23. Does Globalization Increase the Use of Technology?
  24. Can Nano Technology Help Clean up Oil Spills in the Ocean and Seas?

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