89 Poverty Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Poverty Research Papers Examples

  1. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Role in Society
    The paper will outline the various things that Bill Gates has done in helping the unprivileged people, and in improving education in the United States.
  2. Single Mothers in Poverty
    Many of the single mothers, cannot secure lucrative jobs that would earn them enough income to meet their daily needs and the needs of their children.
  3. Bill Gates Life and Career
    Computer programming was a job that Bill Gates loved, and fortunately, his dream became true after occupying himself with computer programming at a tender age.
  4. The Relationship between Money and Happiness
    Various academic studies have shown that there is, indeed, a connection between the money you have and your level of happiness, but this connection is not very strong.
  5. Problem of Hunger in Modern World
    The purpose of this paper is to present a detailed discussion on hunger. The discussion will begin with an overview of the state of hunger in various parts of the world.
  6. Immigrants and Immigration Policies: Women and Migration
    International laws have a provision that mandates states to draft immigration policies. Immigration laws and policies of the US have failed to uphold the rights of immigrants.
  7. Child Labor, Its Causes, Effects, Counterpolicies
    The paper gives a broader view of the causes and effects of child labor, economic and socio-cultural perspectives, and efforts put to stop child labor.
  8. Medical Issues that Arise from Being Overworked
    The paper discusses overwork in context with middle and lower classes that are affected by the overworked and hectic schedule and medical issues they gain.
  9. Illegal Immigration Process Analysis
    Illegal immigration refers to migration across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country.
  10. Poverty and Children in the United States.
    Children are said to live in poverty when they are not able to have a minimum, decent standard of living that allows them to live a normal life in society.
  11. Poverty and Children in the United States
    Discussing the issue of the present day chronic cycle of poverty, it would be relevant to mention that children might be regarded as the most unprotected social group that suffers form the above mentioned problem.
  12. Extraction of Natural Resources and Production
    The research paper aims to investigate factors responsible for excessive exploitation of natural resources.
  13. Poverty in America
    Poverty denotes the state of affairs where there are no ways of managing to pay for crucial human requirements which include food, clean water, schooling, clothes, and shelter.
  14. Discrimination in the 21st Century for African Americans and Minorities
    USA as a country has made great steps in addressing the disparity and inequality among the various groups since the period of Civil Rights movements.
  15. Satire by Swift: A Modest Proposal
    The essay had painted a live picture of the tremendous poverty of Irish people in the early eighteenth century.
  16. Assessing and Recommending Quantitative Research Design
    The three different types of quantitative research designs have their own weaknesses and strengths, this makes the research designs to be applicable in different situations.
  17. Poverty or Low Income as a Cause of Crime
    Debates about causes of crime have been raging on and they revolve around economic models of causation that deal with the utility of crime.
  18. Connection Between War and Poverty
    The paper will identify and discuss abuse, isolation, hostility and reliance has some of the causes of conflicts.
  19. Strict Gun Control Laws and Homicide
    The paper takes a closer look at facts and past history about gun use and prove that strict gun control laws will do nothing meaningful in reducing homicide in the U.S.
  20. Poverty and Juvenile Delinquency
    This paper will set out to analyze the relationship between poverty and juvenile delinquency in order to explain the strong correlation between the two.
  21. Vicious Circle of Poverty in Brazil
    Brazil is faced with major environmental degradation issues such as deforestation, water pollution, and floods.
  22. Effects of the Global Recession on Tourism
    Tourism enables the country to earn foreign exchange. On the other hand, the social and economic benefits of tourism have greatly been destabilized by the recent global recession.
  23. Crime and Poverty: Causes of Crime, Effects of Crime, and Solutions
    This study explains what crime and poverty are, the causes of crime using the structural-functionalist theory, the effects of crime and the measures to be taken to avert this problem.
  24. Overrepresentation of Aboriginal People in Crime
    Why are the Aboriginal people suspected of so much crime given the basis of their history, describes the Bond theory relating it to the topic.
  25. Challenges That Multicultural Children Face in the US
    This essay will discuss the following points regarded as the challenges multicultural families face: alienation, poverty, unemployment, discrimination, desired policies.
  26. Politics of HIV/Aids and Social and Cultural Prejudice
    The paper looks at how the politics HIV/AIDS have operated as a conduit for social and cultural prejudice because the its prevalence has been associated with society culture.
  27. Socioeconomic Conditions Can Lead to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse of Children
    Wealth, access to education, parents' occupation, health, income, and housing are significant in avoiding child abuse. Discussion of the importance of socioeconomic conditions.
  28. How Food Insecurity Affects Children’s Education
    Food insecurity can also be harmful to academic performance. As a result, a poorly-educated individual has low income and continue suffering from world hunger.

💡 Essay Ideas on Poverty

  1. Diverty and the Limitations of Poverty in Victorian London
  2. Agricultural Water Management and Poverty in Ethiopia
  3. Food Price Spikes: Price Insulation and Poverty
  4. Anti-Poverty Transfers and Spatial Prices in Tunisia
  5. Food Poverty and Livelihoods Issues in Rural Nigeria
  6. Food Poverty and Its Causes in Pakistan
  7. Ethnic Stereotypes and Preferences on Poverty Assistance
  8. European Union Poverty Poor Rate
  9. Drugs and Their Impact on Poverty
  10. Food Prices and Poverty Reduction in the Long Run
  11. Connection Between Human Trafficking and Poverty
  12. Generating Disaggregated Poverty Maps
  13. Feminist Explanations for the Feminization of Poverty
  14. Evaluation of Different Sociological Measures of Poverty
  15. Food Poverty Profile and Decomposition Applied to Ghana
  16. Christian Beliefs Concerning World Poverty
  17. Economic Growth and Child Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh and China
  18. Different Ways People Look at Poverty
  19. Ethnic Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia Since 1969
  20. General Public Poverty Aid for Individuals
  21. Global Biofuel Production and Poverty in China
  22. Distribution-Sensitive Multidimensional Poverty Measures
  23. Classification Trees for Poverty Mapping
  24. Market-Based Solutions for Global Poverty
  25. Food Poverty Index for Venezuelan Households
  26. Child Poverty and Child Well-Being in Italy
  27. Absolute and Relative Deprivation and the Measurement of Poverty
  28. Gender, Time Use, and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
  29. Gender-Sensitive Poverty Mapping for the US
  30. Food Poverty and Solidarity Networks in Italy
  31. Fertility, Household Size, and Poverty in Nepal
  32. Agricultural Policies for Poverty Reduction
  33. Financial Deepening and Poverty Reduction in Zambia
  34. Economic Growth and Development as a Tool for Poverty Overcoming
  35. Choosing Rural Road Investments to Help Reduce Poverty
  36. Combating Poverty Through Self Reliance
  37. The Connection Between Child Poverty and Economic Growth
  38. Agricultural Water Management and Poverty Linkages
  39. Capital Account Liberalisation and Poverty
  40. Ethnicity, Caste, and Religion: Implications for Poverty Outcomes

❓Poverty Research Questions

  1. Can Laziness Explain Poverty in America?
  2. Does Forest Conversion Promote Growth and Alleviate Poverty?
  3. Can Globalisation Realistically Solve World Poverty?
  4. Can Microfinance Aid Poverty Reduction?
  5. Does Increasing Minimum Wage Decrease Poverty?
  6. How Does Poverty Affect People’s Health and Well-Being?
  7. Does Globalization Cause Poverty?
  8. Can Employer Credit Checks Create Poverty Traps?
  9. Does Inequality Matter for Poverty Reduction?
  10. How China Escaped the Poverty Trap?
  11. Does Inequality Constraint Poverty Reduction Programs?
  12. How Bad Governance Impedes Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh?
  13. How Does Level of Education Relate to Poverty?
  14. Why Are Child Poverty Rates So Persistently High in Spain?
  15. Does Corruption Affect Income Inequality and Poverty?
  16. How Are Poverty and Migration Linked?
  17. How Can Agricultural Trade Reform Reduce Poverty?
  18. What Does Generational Poverty Mean?
  19. How Does Gender Relate to Poverty Status?
  20. Does Foreign Direct Investment Reduce Poverty?
  21. How Does Child Poverty Effect Crime Rates Amongst Teens and Young Adults?

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