138 Civil War Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Civil War Research Papers Examples

  1. The American Revolutionary War - US Military History
    The American Revolutionary War transpired between 1775 and 1783. During this period, there were constant conflicts between the American states and the British Crown.
  2. The American Civil War Outbreak
    During the 1860s, the US faced a civil war that threatened to lead to the total collapse of the country. The civil war led to the death of more than 600,000 people.
  3. "Glory" - the Drama Movie by Edward Zwick
    Glory is a drama movie that was based on the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and is told from Colonel Gould Shaw’s perspective.
  4. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Terrorism
    The paper analyzes the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is a terrorist group that operates in Iraq and Syria, to illustrate the extremes of terrorism in the contemporary times.
  5. The Impacts of ISIS on Iraq and Syria
    Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a group that has attracted global attention due to its brutality and weaponry disposition that has made it triumph over armed forces.
  6. Abraham Lincoln: American President’s Series
    Abraham Lincoln is well known for his efforts to preserve the Union at the time of the American Civil war and emancipation of slaves.
  7. The Emancipation Proclamation Effects on the Economy
    In order to understand the economic impact of the emancipation proclamation, it is necessary to examine the economic framework that was in place during the mid 1800s.
  8. Short- and Long-term Causes of the Civil War
    What were the long-term causes of the Civil War? Find the answer here! This essay focuses on the long- and short-term causes of the Civil War in America and looks at its immediate effects.
  9. Women in Combat in the United States' History
    The history of women in combat roles in the United States military takes us back to the periods of the revolutionary war, civil war, WWI, and WWII.
  10. Post-Civil War Political, Economic, Social Changes
    The greatest achievements of the Civil War were the abolishment of the slavery, as well as, giving of equal rights to all American citizens.
  11. How Women Are Equated to Asians in America?
    This paper draws examples from various American histories to show how women are equated to Asians in America. Examples will be cited with respect to time, region, and representation.
  12. Civil War History: "A Year in the South" by Ash
    In "A Year in the South," Ash provides an intriguing insight into the lives of four ordinary individuals who had to adjust to a new reality after the Civil War was over.
  13. The Enslaved Blacks and Free Blacks During the American Civil War
    This paper intends to analyze the life of the enslaved blacks and compares it with those who lived as free blacks, see how different or similar was life in the different lives.
  14. States’ Rights as the Main Cause of the Civil War
    Although slavery played an important role in leading up to the Civil War, the most disputable issue at the time stated' rights, which was the core reason why the war was initiated.
  15. Civil War and Reconstruction: Causes of the Civil War
    Men of the South went to war to protect their way of life that included slavery. The elimination of slavery would mean the elimination of wealth to many southerners.
  16. African Americans' Impact in the Civil War
    The basic foundation of African American involvement in the American civil war had begun 100 years prior to the civil war.
  17. African American Studies Analysis
    Origins of Black Capitalism can be observed in the lives of "Free Negroes" throughout periods of the American Enslavement.
  18. Civil War Reconstruction Analysis
    The Civil War is considered the most devastating war in the history of the United States in terms of the number of Americans killed and wounded.
  19. Slavery Was Not the Cause of the Civil War
    It is evident that slavery and its abolition were the main causes of the war and thus the abolition of slavery catalysed the eruption of the war.
  20. American History: The Compromise of 1850
    The late 1840’s were difficult times in American history given the civil war. The 1850 Compromise was therefore the only remedy according to Senator Henry Clay.
  21. Factors that Led to the Civil War in America
    Between 1861 and 1865 a civil war was experienced between the north and the south states. More than 620000 casualties were received as a result of that war.
  22. Did Abraham Lincoln Free the Slaves?
    During the American Civil War, the country experienced considerable events and changes. The U.S. saw the abolition of slaves and the governance of the president Abraham Lincoln.
  23. The Theories for the Fall of the Roman Empire
    The various theories and explanations for the fall of the Roman Empire in the West may be very broadly classified into four schools of thought.
  24. Abraham Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery
    Lincoln's effort to forbid the growth of slavery was for the advantage of the high-class whites and was not a primary stride in the direction of Negro freedom and release.
  25. Abraham Lincoln as a Genuine Abolitionist
    Abraham Lincoln is considered a great emancipator who abolished slavery and gave freedom to the black population.
  26. American History: The Civil War and Reconstruction
    The paper states that President Lincoln’s main message, delivered in his first inaugural address, was that the Union would not be divided.
  27. Women’s Rights Movements During the Reconstruction Period
    The essay argues that the era of Reconstruction was a turning and bursting point in the history of the American women’s suffrage movement.
  28. The Motives of Individual Soldiers Who Fought in the Civil War
    The paper compares McPherson's conclusions in the book "For Cause and Comrades" with an analysis of primary documents from the period.
  29. Politics of HIV/Aids and Social and Cultural Prejudice
    The paper looks at how the politics HIV/AIDS have operated as a conduit for social and cultural prejudice because the its prevalence has been associated with society culture.
  30. Did Soldiers Fight the Civil War Over Slavery?
    When the United States was experiencing tremendous economic growth, both the North and the South pursued different economic agendas.
  31. Black Soldiers in the Civil War
    Even under pressure from racial stereotypes, black soldiers managed to do their best and help the Union Army to win the Civil War, which changed the course of history.
  32. The Economics of the Civil War
    The paper pursues a twofold goal: the economic costs of the Civil War and the mechanism through which the war impacted the American economy.
  33. Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator
    This paper will seek to investigate the role of Abraham Lincoln as "The Great Emancipator" and determine whether his legacy matches that of historical reality.

💡 Essay Ideas on Civil War

  1. Spanish Civil War: The Struggle Between Fascism and Communism
  2. Chinese Americans and the American Civil War
  3. Battles That Divided the United States in the Civil War
  4. Cavalry and Its Effects on the Civil War
  5. America: From the Signing of the Constitution to the Civil War
  6. Black Troops Before the End of the Civil War
  7. American Civil War and Benjamin Franklin Butler
  8. Industrialization After the Civil War
  9. Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy
  10. The Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936
  11. Southern and Northern States in the U.S. Civil War
  12. American Civil War: Effects of Industrialization
  13. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 led to the blacks being granted equal rights in the society with the whites. The passing of the Decree was faced with opposition.
  14. African American Soldiers During the American Civil War
  15. Reasons for the North Won the Civil War
  16. Spanish Civil War: The White Terror
  17. American Reconstruction After Civil War
  18. Reasons for Choosing Side in the English Civil War
  19. Reasons for Sectional Involvement in the Civil War
  20. Fundamental Rights Extended to African Americans
    The paper analyzes the 14th Amendment which the American Supreme Court interprets as the backbone of the country’s civil reforms and citizenship.
  21. Labor Market Integration Before the Civil War
  22. African American Post Civil War Growing Pains
  23. Struggle for Blacks’ Rights After Civil War
  24. American Civil War and Black Political Power

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Civil War

  1. Race Relations and Slavery During the Civil War
  2. Racism and Discrimination During the Civil War
  3. Causes and the Course of the U.S. Civil War
  4. American Banking and the Transportation Revolution Before the Civil War
  5. The Civil War and the United States
  6. Petersburg: Civil War History Issues
    Petersburg was a flourishing industrial center that played an essential role in the Civil War military conflict due to its proximity to and the defense of the Confederate capital.
  7. Civil Reconstruction and Its Impact on the Civil War
  8. Lebanese Civil War and International Intervention
  9. Southern Religion During the Civil War
  10. Radical Republicans After the Civil War
  11. Medical Conditions Throughout the Civil War: Male and Female Roles
  12. Biological Warfare and the American Civil War
  13. Lincoln: American Civil War and Dred Scott
  14. Education Timeline: From Ancient Greece to Present Times
    The paper aims to describe education systems during three periods: The Beginnings of Education, Transitions in Education, and Post World War II to Present periods.
  15. Medical Care and Nursing in the U.S. Civil War
  16. Built-in Safeguards and the Implementation of Civil War Peace Accords
  17. Abraham Lincoln and Slavery During the Civil War
  18. Ambrose Bierce’s Experience During the Civil War
  19. Black-White Relations: Civil War to Modern Day
  20. Kormanian Civil War: Initiating Transformation

❓Civil War Research Questions

  1. Was the American Civil War and Reconstruction a Second American Revolution?
  2. What Advantages Did the North and South Have as the Civil War Began?
  3. Did the Civil War Ultimately Reduce Sectional Antagonism?
  4. How Were African Americans Treated in the U.S. Before and After the Civil War?
  5. What Caused Civil War?
  6. Did the North Win the Civil War Before It Began?
  7. What Actions Freed Blacks Civil War Ended Land Ownership Important?
  8. How Was the American Civil War Irrepressible?
  9. Did the Irish Rebellion Cause the Civil War?
  10. What Caused the American Civil War?
  11. How did Bolsheviks Win the Civil War?
  12. Were Blundering Politicians the Main Political Cause of the American Civil War?
  13. What Influence Did Petersburg Have On the Civil War?
  14. Did Civil War Just Become Inevitable?
  15. Were Compromises Available During the Civil War?
  16. Was Slavery the Only Cause of the Civil War?
  17. Did African American Participation in the Civil War Change?
  18. Does the IMF Cause Civil War?
  19. Did the Civil War Give Birth to the Modern United States of America?
  20. Did Abraham Lincoln Cause the Civil War?
  21. Did Civil War Help or Hinder the Efforts of Women in the American Society?
  22. Were Slaves Free After the Civil War?
  23. What Laid Out the Foundation for the Civil War?
  24. How and Why Were the White Forces Defeated in the Russian Civil War?
  25. How and Why Did the North Win the American Civil War?
  26. Was the English Civil War a War of Religion?
  27. Does Civil War Hamper Financial Development?
  28. What Are the Reasons North Won the Civil War?
  29. Why Was Trotsky’s Role in the Civil War So Important?
  30. What Are the Causes of the Spanish Civil War?
  31. Was the English Civil War Inevitable?

📣Civil War Discussion Questions

  1. How Did the Civil War Affect the Lives of Ordinary Citizens in the United States?
  2. What Was the Biggest Problem After the Civil War?
  3. How Did the Economy Change After the Civil War?
  4. What Role Did Slavery Play in the Outbreak of the American Civil War?
  5. How Did Technological Advancements Impact the Strategies and Tactics of the Civil War?
  6. Who Suffered More After the Civil War?
  7. What Were the Key Battles and Turning Points of the American Civil War?
  8. Did the Civil War End Slavery?
  9. What Were the Social Effects of the Civil War?
  10. How Did the Emancipation Proclamation Change the Course of the Civil War?
  11. What Were the Political Causes of the Civil War?
  12. How Did Foreign Countries and International Politics Influence the American Civil War?
  13. Who Has the Biggest Impact on the Civil War?
  14. What Were the Social and Cultural Changes Brought About by the Civil War?
  15. How Did the Civil War Affect Technology?
  16. What Were the Key Events and Figures in the English Civil War?
  17. Was the Civil War a War for Freedom?
  18. How Did Religious Differences Contribute to the English Civil War?
  19. Why Did the South Lose the Civil War?
  20. What Were the Ideological and Political Divisions in the Spanish Civil War?
  21. How Did the Chinese Civil War Shape Modern China and Its Political Landscape?
  22. What Caused the Most Deaths in the Civil War?
  23. Who Was the First Killed in the Civil War?
  24. How Has the Memory and Legacy of the Civil War Evolved Over Time, and What Role Does It Play in American Society Today?
  25. What Were the Major Phases and Key Leaders in the Civil War?
  26. Why Didn’t Britain Help the South in the Civil War?
  27. How Did the Civil War Impact the Process of Reconstruction and the Reintegration of the Confederate States into the Union?
  28. What Were the Economic and Social Effects of the Civil War on the United States and Its Citizens?
  29. What Was the Worst Battle of the Civil War?
  30. How Many Civil Wars Were There in the World?

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