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📝 War Research Papers Examples

  1. The American Revolutionary War - US Military History
    The American Revolutionary War transpired between 1775 and 1783. During this period, there were constant conflicts between the American states and the British Crown.
  2. The American Civil War Outbreak
    During the 1860s, the US faced a civil war that threatened to lead to the total collapse of the country. The civil war led to the death of more than 600,000 people.
  3. Wars in the USA after the World War II
    The end of the World War II saw the beginning of other wars in the USA such as the war against racial inequality, male dominance, and the Cold War.
  4. What Led to the Cold War?
    Historically, the Cold War started in 1945 way before the silence of gunshots in Pacific areas and in Germany when World War II had just ended.
  5. The First and the Second World War Comparison
    The similarities in the First World War and the Second World War justify why the events are considered two parts of the same war.
  6. Cold War Role in the Iranian Revolution
    The cold war between Russia, the United States and Britain played a major role in the onset of the 1953 Iranian coup that led to the subsequent downfall of the Shah Pahlavi’s government.
  7. World War II People in "Hitler's Army
    Bartov’s "Hitler's Army: Soldiers, Nazis, and War in the Third Reich" contains some valid ideas, but overall it sounds significantly affected by author’s political biasness.
  8. The Treaty of Versailles in World War II History
    The treaty of Versailles contributed largely to the outbreak of the Second World War. The convention had imposed much restriction on Germany in extraordinary ways.
  9. Communist Nations Divisions During the Cold War
    This essay intends to illuminate the divisions that existed between the communist bloc nations during the cold war.
  10. The United States in the Second World War
    The involvement of the United States into the Second World War was evident, despite the strategy of isolationism; however, the American government was waiting for the reason to start the war.
  11. World War One History: Conflict Causes
    The Great War was the first shock for the humanity in the twentieth century. More than ten countries from all parts of the Globe took part in this conflict which led to the fall of great empires.
  12. Natural Resources Role in the Wars
    Historic documents record that the main reason for war between kingdoms or territorial regions in the past was natural resources.
  13. Resolving the War and Fostering Peace in Afghanistan
    This paper asserts that Pakistan intelligence service, ISI, supports Taliban and explores the best strategies to end the Afghanistan war.
  14. The Habeas Corpus Rights in the Context of the War on Terror
    This paper discusses the observance of the writ of habeas corpus amidst the changing political landscape. It concerns the changes enforced by the state in dealing with terrorism.
  15. Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War
    Cold war refers to strained relationship between the two superpowers that emerged after the Second World War. The two super powers were the United States and the Soviet Union.
  16. World War I and the United States' Participation
    America had remained neutral during the war but the German policy stroke the Americans. When America was joining the war, the military had about 200,000 soldiers.
  17. Germany at the End of the World War I
    The fragmented polity of Germany can be viewed as the primary cause of the right-wing activists to seize power after the Weimar Republic collapsed.
  18. Japanese American Life During and After the World War II
    The Second World War affected every country and nation in the world. Millions of victims of the war suffered from injustice and the aggressive actions of different parties.
  19. America’s War on Terror and Countercriticism
    The American war on terror is real and justified. Prior to the September 11 attack on U.S. soil, one could have approached the issue with some doubts.
  20. The Second World War Impact on the USSR
    This paper proves that after the Second World War, the Soviet Union gained economic and political control at the new territories to spread communist ideology there.
  21. The Concept of Nuclear War
    This paper examine the concept of the nuclear war: how this concept appeared, what was the history behind the nuclear war, and how the world perceives nuclear war now.
  22. American Civil War, Its Short- and Long-Term Causes
    Slavery forms under both long-term and short-term causes of the civil war. Other causes include ideological differences, economic issues, state sovereignty, etc.
  23. Post-Civil War Political, Economic, Social Changes
    The greatest achievements of the Civil War were the abolishment of the slavery, as well as, giving of equal rights to all American citizens.
  24. Civil War History: "A Year in the South" by Ash
    In "A Year in the South," Ash provides an intriguing insight into the lives of four ordinary individuals who had to adjust to a new reality after the Civil War was over.
  25. American Women in History of World War II
    There is a gap in data concerning the inclusion of American women in military operations during World War II. Approximately 350,000 women joined the Armed Services in 1941-45.
  26. American Women in War and Society
    The history of American women in the military is shorter than that of men. Prejudice and physical differences contributed to women’s limited presence in the armed forces.
  27. Women in History of World War II: Retrospective
    The role of women in modern history, particularly since the era of industrialization is extensive but remains understudied in academia and underestimated by the broader society.
  28. The Enslaved Blacks and Free Blacks During the American Civil War
    This paper intends to analyze the life of the enslaved blacks and compares it with those who lived as free blacks, see how different or similar was life in the different lives.
  29. States’ Rights as the Main Cause of the Civil War
    Although slavery played an important role in leading up to the Civil War, the most disputable issue at the time stated' rights, which was the core reason why the war was initiated.
  30. Civil War and Reconstruction: Causes of the Civil War
    Men of the South went to war to protect their way of life that included slavery. The elimination of slavery would mean the elimination of wealth to many southerners.

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  1. World War II: Picking the Pieces of a Global War
    World War II exposed how the atrocities of war can alter the course of civilization and redefined the political, technological, and social development of the world after.
  2. Germany in the World War II
    The World War II was neither political nor economic war. It was the war against people who did not meet the standards imposed by Hitler.
  3. African Americans' Impact in the Civil War
    The basic foundation of African American involvement in the American civil war had begun 100 years prior to the civil war.
  4. Why Britain Lost the War With the Colonies
    This discussion will briefly examine the causes that initiated Britain’s War with the Colonies but the focus is on the question that has fascinated historians for 250 years.
  5. Social Classes and Experience of the First World War
    Different classes belonging to social classes empirically portrayed the awful experience of the First World War and at the same time, it has tried to find connecting ideas.
  6. Impact of the World Wars on Canadian-American Relations
    Discussing the Canadian – American relations within the time frames of the First and Second World Wars, the issue of the impact of those wars on both countries should be analyzed.
  7. French Indian War and American Revolution
    The French and Indian war presented the opportunity that led to the occurrence of the American Revolution which led to the independence of the United States of America.
  8. Civil War Reconstruction Analysis
    The Civil War is considered the most devastating war in the history of the United States in terms of the number of Americans killed and wounded.
  9. Happening and Impact of World War I and II to Britain
    the First World War made Britain more powerful with so many colonies and empires. At this time it was considered to be great imperial power.
  10. Slavery Was Not the Cause of the Civil War
    It is evident that slavery and its abolition were the main causes of the war and thus the abolition of slavery catalysed the eruption of the war.
  11. Iraq 2003: War Terrorism, Foreign Invasion, and Jihad
    There is a controversy on the war of the US with Iraq. More than national security, a strong desire for oil is the motivation for America’s interest in a war with Iraq.
  12. The End of the Cold War: Evaluation of Realism and Liberalism
    To get clear understanding of work of the theory of international relations it is very useful to refer to some major political event and to analyze the event in accordance with the given theory.
  13. The Six-Day War of June 1967 in the Middle East
    The Six-Day war of June 1967 was fought between Israel and the Arab nations of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. It was a great success for Israel, but it lead to the fight for the future.
  14. The Vietnam War's Impact on the United States
    The hard lesson learned, seemingly, from America’s involvement in Vietnam was that possessing an overwhelming military force does not guarantee victory.
  15. Factors that Led to the Civil War in America
    Between 1861 and 1865 a civil war was experienced between the north and the south states. More than 620000 casualties were received as a result of that war.
  16. World War II and Situation in Countries-Participants After the War
    The end of World War II had heralded along and protracted competition for military and economic supremacy between the United States and the Soviets Union.
  17. Cold War – Importance of Communication Ethics During the Conflict
    The following discussion aims to illustrate the importance of communication ethics with reference to Cold War that is an important historical event.
  18. Cold War and Civil Rights Movements
    The cold war is said to have began around 1947 when President Truman of the United States affirmed his policy against communism thereby provoking a cold war.
  19. “War on Terror” Term and Its History
    The terrorist attacks date back to the 19th century. Interestingly most of these extremist groups seem to target America and its sympathizers
  20. American Revolutionary War, Its Causes & Effects
    This essay looks at the American Revolutionary War in relation to what caused it and the effects of the war; among, other interesting proceedings that took place.
  21. State as a Key Development Agent After World War II
    The conflict which had arisen in the Second World War concerning development was a political issue that was aimed at preventing countries to join communism in the cold war.
  22. The Seven Years War and its Impact on the First British Empire
    The Seven Year War that took place in Europe started in 1756 with the invasion of Saxony. This was done by the French Siege of the British Minorca and Fredrick the Great.
  23. United States Role in the Korean War: History Analysis
    The Korean War occurred during the earliest years of the Cold War, involving the joint occupation of the United States and the Soviet Union, together with the regional influence of China.
  24. US War in Vietnam with the American Revolution
    Comparing and contrasting the United States’ war in Vietnam with the American Revolution. Both conflicts could be likened to Mao’s three phases of insurgency.
  25. Persian Wars, Conflict and Timeline
    Persian Wars were a historical moment that involved two great nations—Greece and Persia. The relation between the two great empires before the war was very heated.
  26. Why Did the People’s Republic of China Enter the Korean War?
    China's presence in the war was beneficial for Joseph Stalin, and the Chinese used the war as a peripheral tool in battling the United States.
  27. The Origins of the Cold War
    The USSR rather predictably proposed an opposite theory that blamed the US for the Cold War. While this interpretation was popular during the existence of Soviet Russia.
  28. War on Drugs: Implication on the Criminal Justice System
    This paper is going to look at the implications of war on drugs on the criminal justice system, in the past, present, and in the future.
  29. Connection Between War and Poverty
    The paper will identify and discuss abuse, isolation, hostility and reliance has some of the causes of conflicts.
  30. Causes of Cold War
    The tactics employed throughout the cold war included trade and industry wars, diplomatic haggling, misinformation, and sporadic military conflicts.

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  1. British Responsibility for the Opium War
  2. Canadian Government During the World War I
  3. Abraham Lincoln and Slavery During the Civil War
  4. The Battle of Stalingrad: The Reasons Why It Was a Deciding Moment in WWII
  5. American Family During World War II
  6. American Factory System Before the Civil War
  7. Canadian American Relations During World War II
  8. American Experience From Vietnam War
  9. The Role of World War II Museums for the Education of the Younger Generation
  10. Public Health Strategies During the Civil War
  11. American Imperialism During the Civil War
  12. The Role of Radio and Messages During World War II
  13. Causal Beliefs and War Termination
  14. Protestant Reformation and German Peasants War
  15. British Air Power During the First World War
  16. Air Force Special Operation Forces During the Indo-China War
  17. American Football During World War II
  18. The Heroic Role of Children in the United Kingdom During WWII Evacuations
  19. British Imperialism During the First War of Indian
  20. British Interference and the War of 1812
  21. Canadian Soldiers During World War II
  22. Protest Music and the Vietnam War Movement
  23. Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War
  24. The Iraq War From a Structuralist-Functionalist Point of View
  25. Protesting the Vietnam War in Popular Songs
  26. American Intervention During World War II
  27. Canadian Navy During the Second World War
  28. Canadian Propaganda During World War II
  29. The Portrayal of World War II in the Media of the Post-war Times
  30. Drugs and the Infectivness of the Drug War
  31. Air Operation “Queen” During the Second World War
  32. Economy During the Civil War and Reconstruction Era
  33. Public Opinion Following the Vietnam War
  34. Censorship Policies During the Vietnam War
  35. The Role of the CIA in the Vietnam War
  36. The Role of Women in World War 2 and the Heritage of Nursing Knowledge
  37. Destructive and Efficient Machines of War
  38. Canadian Society Changes During the Second World War
  39. Public Opinion on the War in Iraq and Presidential Accountability
  40. American Interventions Since World War II

❓ War Research Questions

  1. Can Religion Cause War?
  2. How Deceptive Communication Leads by Joseph Heller’s War?
  3. How America Lost the Vietnam War?
  4. Are There Any Winners in War?
  5. Why Was the First World War Not a Quick Decisive Victory?
  6. Are Modern War Movies Better?
  7. Why Was the First Gulf War Fought Politics?
  8. How Could War Stimulate the Economy?
  9. Are Terrorists Really Small Scale Agents of War?
  10. How Did British Literature Help to Shape War?
  11. Does Human Nature Cause War and Violence?
  12. Are War Veterans Receiving the Benefits They Deserve?
  13. Does Human Nature Make War Inevitable?
  14. Why Was There Opposition to the Vietnam War?
  15. How Countries Used Technology During World War I?
  16. How Britain Helped Defeat the Nazis During World War II?
  17. How Britain Lost the Colonial War for Independence?
  18. How Colonists Won the Revolutionary War?
  19. Which Countries Have Never Fought in Any Wars?
  20. How Does War Influence Social Development?
  21. How World War I Affected EuropeТs History and Culture Forever After It Ended?
  22. Who Were America’s Most Important Allies in the Cold War?
  23. What Were Some of the Most Dangerous Moments of the Cold War?
  24. What Was the Relationship Between the Cold War and the Vietnam War?
  25. What Are the Causes of the Civil War in America?
  26. What Was the Soldier’s Motivation in the American Civil War?

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