74 Drugs Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Drugs Research Papers Examples

  1. War on Drugs: Opposing Viewpoints
    To legalize or not to legalize drugs of abuse has always been a subject of contention and controversy. Each side in support or in opposition has its varied, valid arguments.
  2. Performance Enhancement Drugs
    The reasons why most of the athletics are using the drugs is to increase their muscles mass, it also cut down on them from being fatigue after they are done with their workouts it also keeps them from getting sore.
  3. Teens Abuse of Prescription Drugs
    Many teens abuse prescription and over-the-counter drugs to get high, lessen the impact of intimidation, to socialize in parties, escape reality, to experiment, or relieve boredom.
  4. Drugs or Alcohol Addiction Problems
    Addiction to drugs or alcohol is the effect of compulsive and continuous use of drugs or alcohol despite its adverse consequences.
  5. Drugs Problem in Urban America
    The paper explores the context of drugs and aspects of proliferation, abuse, and trafficking to provide a concrete idea of how drugs have become a vice in urban America.
  6. War on Drugs: Implication on the Criminal Justice System
    This paper is going to look at the implications of war on drugs on the criminal justice system, in the past, present, and in the future.
  7. Illegal Drugs: Threat to the Society
    The threat from illegal drugs is more dangerous to society than the threats from other crimes such as human trafficking and dealings in illegal goods and services.

💡 Essay Ideas on Drugs

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  1. The Failure of America’s War on Drugs
  2. An Analysis of The Argument on The Benefits of Legalizing Drugs
  3. Reflection on Motivation of Early Dropout from Drug Abuse Treatment
  4. John Stuart Mill and Drugs Legalization
  5. The Effects of Drugs on Cardiac Physiology
  6. Effects of Parental Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on Teens
  7. Legalizing Recreational Drugs Within the United States
  8. The Correlation Between Adult Drug Abusers and Children
  9. Drug Abuse as a Destructive Pattern
  10. Criminal Offenses That Involve Drugs
  11. Atomic Energy and the Development of Drugs
  12. Most Drugs and Medicated Substances Can Be Beneficial
  13. Banning Performance Enhancing Drugs From Sports
  14. Demand for Illicit Drugs by Pregnant Women
  15. Homeopathic Medicines vs. Prescription Drugs
  16. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Drugs
  17. Investigation of the Effects of Drug Abuse
  18. Bioethical Issues Concerning Fertility Drugs
  19. Fractals and Self-Organized Criticality in Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  20. Arguing Against the Legalization of Drugs
  21. The Effects of Drugs Abuse on Adolescents: Academic Performance in Triangle
  22. Symptoms and Treatment Implications of Drugs Use
  23. Misusing Pain Management Prescription Drugs
  24. Drugs That Enhance Athletic Performance
  25. Influence of Drug Substances on Adolescents
  26. Current Anti Obesity Drugs and Their Disadvantages
  27. Drug Safety and the Side Effects of the Use of Drugs
  28. Physical and Psychological Consequences of Long Term Drug Use
  29. Current Regulations for Standardization of Crude Drugs
  30. Enhancing Drugs and Its Impact on Academic Integrity
  31. Nasal Delivery of High Molecular Weight Drugs
  32. Canada’s Fight Against Drugs
  33. Drug Trafficking in The Republic of Colombia
  34. High-Performance Drugs: Social Consideration
  35. Nanoemulsion: an Innovative Drug Delivery
  36. Drugs That Interfere With Sympathetic Nerve Signals
  37. How Drug Trafficking Impacts The Economy and The World at Large
  38. The Unfair Advantage of Using Drugs in Sports
  39. Antidepressant Drugs and Their Effects on Depression
  40. AIDS: Developing Country and Drugs

❓Drugs Research Questions

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  1. How Do Drugs Affect Society?
  2. Why Are Synthetic Drugs Legal?
  3. How Drugs Affect the Health Triangle?
  4. How Cost-Effective Are New Cancer Drugs in the USA?
  5. How Drugs Act?
  6. What’s the Deal With Drugs and Nightclubs?
  7. Can Economic Aid Make a Difference in the Flow of Drugs?
  8. Are Any Drugs Derived From the Ocean Presently Approved?
  9. Are the More Educated People More Likely to Use New Drugs?
  10. Are Diet Drugs Safe for People?
  11. Are Illegal Drugs Inferior Goods in the USA?
  12. Why Are Students Attracted to Drugs and Drinking?
  13. How Could Decriminalisation Solve the Drugs Problem?
  14. Are Anabolic Steroids Really Pernicious Deleterious Drugs?
  15. How Can Illegal Drugs Be Prevented From Entering Prison?
  16. How Do Drugs Affect Our Lives?
  17. Why Shouldn’t Athletes Use Muscle Enhancing Drugs?
  18. How Do Drugs Affect Families?
  19. Are Drugs Taking Away the Excitement in Sports?
  20. How Can Kids Best Be Convinced Not to Do Drugs?
  21. Does Coffee Contain Drugs?
  22. How Drugs Affect the Mind and the Body and How Dangerous they Are?
  23. How Are Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Teenagers?
  24. Do Drugs Are Barriers to Our Future?
  25. Why Should Drugs Not Be Legalized?
  26. How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Teenage Brain Development?
  27. Why Are Biosimilar Drugs More Extensive Than Generics?

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