149 Drugs Research Topics & Essay Examples

πŸ“ Drugs Research Papers Examples

  1. School Athletes and Drug Tests
    Drug testing in schools helps to deter young amateur athletes from engaging in doping. This paper will discuss why it is important for school athletes to take drug tests.
  2. Legalizing Marijuana in America
    This paper provides an informative overview on the issue of legalizing marijuana in the US, advantages, disadvantages and consequences of such a solution.
  3. Animal Testing
    Those for animal testing have argued that animal research is reasonable as it aids in the discovery of new ways of assisting humans as well as animals in the healing of diseases.
  4. Animal Testing Role
    Animal testing has played a major role in many medical and scientific developments during the 19th century and has continued to assist human in treatment of different illnesses.
  5. Employer and Employee Relationships - Labor Law
    This discussion has dealt with employer-employee relationships with particular focus on the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East.
  6. Cannabis Legalization Effects in the United States
    This paper examines several economic effects, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the revenues that are associated with the legalization of marijuana in the United States.
  7. Sports Analysis: Steroids and HGH in Sports
    This paper analyzes different articles related to sport and discusses the application of steroids and human growth hormones in sports.
  8. Economic Impact of Legalizing Marijuana
    People consume recreational drugs to get the euphoric effect that these psychotropic products create. The most extensively consumed illegal psychotropic substance is marijuana.
  9. Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the Family
    In this paper, the author will develop a case study of addiction to marijuana and alcohol in a family. The study will evaluate the best treatment and intervention measures.
  10. Marijuana Legalization: Advantages and Disadvantages
    The legalization of marijuana has brought some benefits for the American society, but there are also concerns that need to be considered if marijuana is fully legalized in all US.
  11. Drug Legalization: For and Against
    A drug is a substance that can influence the normal functioning of the body when consumed or introduced into the human body.
  12. Drug Addiction: Reasons, Theories and Treatment
    The paper explains reasons for drugs addiction, reviews the disease model of addiction, personality traits and theory of addiction, and treatment of addiction.
  13. Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients - Pros and Cons
    The problem of a drug testing of welfare recipients has sparked a public outcry. The question of whether welfare recipients should be drug tested or not has its own supporters and detractors.
  14. Combating Drug Abuse in the United States
    Marijuana should be legalized in the United States to avoid the negative implications that are associated with the illegal trade in the drug.
  15. Drug Abuse in Facts and Numbers
    There is a popular belief that addiction is someone one would be able to prevent or control by taking moderate doses of substances.
  16. Importance of Drug Legalization in the USA
    If the USA government wishes to minimize the dangers attributed to drugs, it must legalize them. This article explains the meaning of legalizing marijuana and other hard drugs.
  17. Marijuana, Its Legislation History and Effects
    This paper presents the history of marijuana that has to do with the legislation and the effect it had on its use for medical and non-medical purposes.
  18. Marijuana Legalization and Its Impact on Crime Rates
    This paper analyzes the health effects of marijuana and studies the influence of its legalization on crime in the United States.
  19. War on Drugs: Opposing Viewpoints
    To legalize or not to legalize drugs of abuse has always been a subject of contention and controversy. Each side in support or in opposition has its varied, valid arguments.
  20. Drug and Alcohol Effects on Emotional Intelligence
    This paper includes a brief review of peer-reviewed articles concerning the effects of alcohol and drug use on emotional intelligence.
  21. Animal Testing Ban: Counterargument and Rebuttal
    Studies have shown that the animals used in scientific experimentation are exposed to painful procedures, which subject them to suffering and stress.
  22. Effective Intelligence Assessment System
    In this paper, the researcher will look at how drug trafficking, human trafficking, and trade in contraband goods can be combated through an effective intelligence assessment system.
  23. Controlled Substances Act and Its Amendment
    Despite having medicinal purposes, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the USA. There exist regulations to govern its use even for medicinal purposes.
  24. Animal Experimentation: Justification Arguments
    The subject of animal experimentation has always been a controversial one. There are many different reasons for which animal experimentation is performed.
  25. Environmental Factors Role in Drug Addiction
    This paper examined the significance of environmental factors in the development and persistence of drug addiction.
  26. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Young People
    Teenagers tend to become bored easily and experience frequent emotional highs and lows. These are all potential factors in teenage drug use.
  27. The Universal Problem of Drug Abuse
    This paper is an overview arguments of proponents of legalization of drugs and existing drug policies, shows significant benefits can indeed be obtained.

πŸ‘ Good Drugs Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Performance Enhancement Drugs
    The reasons why most of the athletics are using the drugs is to increase their muscles mass, it also cut down on them from being fatigue after they are done with their workouts it also keeps them from getting sore.
  2. Smoking in Public Places: Arguments for Ban
    The issue of smoking not only in public places but also in enclosed private places stands out to be a dangerous initiative that ruins the lives of the victims.
  3. The Juvenile Justice System in the U.S.
    The society took initiative in creating policies and techniques to control and penalize the problematic children. Conceivably one of the most severe improvements included the curing of serious child criminal.
  4. Teens Abuse of Prescription Drugs
    Many teens abuse prescription and over-the-counter drugs to get high, lessen the impact of intimidation, to socialize in parties, escape reality, to experiment, or relieve boredom.
  5. Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized?
    Marijuana has traditional, historical and cultural roots, dating back to centuries, confirming its use even in the Stone Age. A drug of such repute should be freed from the shackles of law.
  6. Drug Abuse as Voluntary Suicide
    Drug and alcohol abuse is like voluntary suicide. The effects of substance abuse are vast and problematic in every society. Substance abuse aids the spread of AIDS, pun intended.
  7. Effects of Substance Abuse Amongst the Military
    Soldiers have over the years continued to test positive for drugs during the normal urine tests that are done in the military despite the measures that are put into place.
  8. Drugs or Alcohol Addiction Problems
    Addiction to drugs or alcohol is the effect of compulsive and continuous use of drugs or alcohol despite its adverse consequences.
  9. The Great Marijuana Debate
    Marijuana is a brown, green or gray blend of dried out seeds, stems, flowers together with the leaves of the hemp plant.
  10. Legalizing Marijuana: Discussion
    The warfare on substance use and abuse is a costly engagement regardless of place and time. Authorities direct numerous resources towards catching buyers and sellers of illicit drugs.
  11. Organized Crime in Japan, China, Russia, and Mexico
    This paper describes and compares the organizational criminal groups in Japan, China, Russia and Mexico, their structure and type of activity.
  12. AIDS in the African American Community
    This paper pursues the issue of AIDS in African Americans as the subject of discussion. The discussion is primarily one of exploratory nature and attempts to consider the issue.
  13. Professional Athletes Allowed to Use Steroids
    The philosophical considerations behind the rationale for drug usage in an athletic context are based on the violations of legal rules and the nature of the sport itself.
  14. Drugs Problem in Urban America
    The paper explores the context of drugs and aspects of proliferation, abuse, and trafficking to provide a concrete idea of how drugs have become a vice in urban America.
  15. Legalizing Marijuana Pros and Cons
    The journey of Marijuana legalization started more than four decades ago. This paper aims at discussing the macroeconomic pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.
  16. Adolescent Drug Addiction Problem
    Adolescent drug addiction is a pathological dependence on drugs in teenagers, which develops as a result of a combination of psychological, biological, and social factors.
  17. Drug Abuse in Adolescents: The Causes
    Scientists estimate that about one in two American teenagers has at least the initial experience of using narcotic illicit substances.
  18. The Anti-Drug Legislation
    This paper will seek to compare and contrast the legislation between states and also between states and the effects that the legislation has on the war against drugs.
  19. War on Drugs: Implication on the Criminal Justice System
    This paper is going to look at the implications of war on drugs on the criminal justice system, in the past, present, and in the future.
  20. Case Management in Juvenile Justice
    In juvenile justice, case management provides the support that each juvenile requires to maximize their opportunities to choose positive alternatives to offending behavior.
  21. Strict Gun Control Laws and Homicide
    The paper takes a closer look at facts and past history about gun use and prove that strict gun control laws will do nothing meaningful in reducing homicide in the U.S.
  22. Drug Law Enforcement
    Drug abuse not only affects developing countries but also developed countries and therefore, countries across the world have developed laws to combat the menace of drug abuse.
  23. Illegal Drugs: Threat to the Society
    The threat from illegal drugs is more dangerous to society than the threats from other crimes such as human trafficking and dealings in illegal goods and services.
  24. Do Violent Video Games Influence Violent Criminal Acts Committed by Juvenile Offenders in Comparison With Other Facts
    The social causes of crimes committed by children constitute the various theories, which are established by sociologists and criminologists.
  25. Drug Prevention Among School-Aged Youth
    Drug use and abuse are major issues that affect contemporary populations everywhere. This paper discusses the drug prevention measures that can be applied to school-aged youths.
  26. Using RFID Technology in Health Industry
    The paper reviews the history of RFID, its application in the healthcare environment, as well as benefits to the industry, and the barriers to the adoption of technology.
  27. Substance Abuse Among Adolescents
    The paper discusses the issue of substance abuse among adolescents. It highlights the prevalence of the problem in society and the need for parents to take up an active role.

πŸ† Best Drugs Essay Titles

  1. Legal Brief: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Maryland v. Pringle
    According to the research, there were found 5 plastic baggies with a substance that was identified as cocaine.
  2. Steroid Abuse in the World of Sports
    The essay supports the idea that steroid usage should be banned in sports, so as to set good example to youngsters.
  3. Steroid Use Effects on Professional Young Athletes
    The paper discusses the main reasons behind the increasing trend of using steroids and analyzes the physical, mental, and other effects of using steroids on young athletes.
  4. Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs and in World of Sport
    The use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) has been a major concern over the recent past. The use of these substances is not a new thing in the world of sports.
  5. Public Policy to Enact Social Change: Legalization of Marijuana
    The proposal in this work is for marijuana to be legalized rather than be prohibited as an alternative public policy towards its regulation.
  6. The Drug Court Programs: Historical Development
    Drug courts refer to specialized types of courts that deal with cases of nonviolent offenders who have been incarcerated for having abused drugs.
  7. Why Do Juveniles Join Street Gangs and Commit Criminal Acts?
    This article discusses the history of youth street gangs, the influence on the modern gang, the types of crimes gangs commit, the motivation, and the relation to drugs and alcohol.
  8. Legalization of Marijuana in the US: Pros and Cons
    The benefits of cannabis have been scientifically proven through rigorous research to ascertain the optimal amount that one can use to avoid its side effects.
  9. Drug Abuse and Trafficking in America
    The article examines the general fight against drug abuse and drug trafficking, the laws adopted by the state, the consequences and results of this fight.
  10. Police Corruption Issue in the United States
    Police corruption is not unique to a particular state but a widespread problem in the United States. It is seen in myriad forms and continues to run down many police departments.
  11. Addiction and Abuse of Various Drugs
    Various drugs are considered to be abused because they are addictive and have consequences that are considered undesirable by society.
  12. Substance Abuse Problem Overview
    Substance abuse is a social problem that permeates every aspect of human nature in society. This study looks at the issue of substance abuse and the problems of addiction.
  13. Legalization of Marijuana and Drug Use Among Teenagers
    This piece of work gives a critical analysis of the effect of the legalization of marijuana and its effect on the rate of drug use among teenagers in the United States of America.
  14. Role of Family and Social Network Support in Mental Health
    Peers and families play pivotal roles in enhancing the recovery of substance abuse and mental health patients.
  15. The War on Drugs as the War Against Black Women
    The purpose of this article is to consider the term "The war on drugs as the war against black women", as well as to understand its meaning and history of origin.
  16. The Legalization of Marijuana
    Marijuana or cannabis is the official name of a psychoactive drug derived from hemp. The paper discusses the arguments for and against marijuana legalization.
  17. Substance Abuse Intervention for Family
    It is estimated that more than eight million children in the USA live in families with at least one drug or alcohol-addicted parent.
  18. Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Young People
    Alcoholism and drug addiction currently can be considered, not only as purely medical but also as social problems of modern society.
  19. Politics of HIV/Aids and Social and Cultural Prejudice
    The paper looks at how the politics HIV/AIDS have operated as a conduit for social and cultural prejudice because the its prevalence has been associated with society culture.
  20. Marijuana Legalization in the United States
    Marijuana is one of the most commonly used and abused drugs in most parts of the world; in the United States, medical marijuana is legal and available across twenty-three states.
  21. The Use of Animals for Research
    The paper states that the use of animals for research hurt the animals, wastes funds and efforts, and delays the discovery of better ways of treatment.
  22. Business Law: The Case of Pharmacare
    The analysis shows that PharmaCare is acting against its commitment to ensuring quality health care by administering AD23 that ignores the ethical test.
  23. Effectiveness of Prison Substance Abuse Treatment
    The criminals with drug abuse related problems who are released from prisons without undergoing proper treatment and counseling continue abusing drugs as soon as they are set free.
  24. Criminal Law and Procedure
    The paper discusses that the drug abuse and addiction suspect refused to answer any papers by the state, resulting in imprisonment.
  25. The US Prison System's Size and Costs Issues
    The prison population and facilities in the US have been increasing over the past decades. The rise in the prison population is attributed to changes in the political system.
  26. Federal Legalization of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes
    This annotated bibliography provides a description of the 5 articles related to the topic of federal legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  27. Qualitative and Quantitative Social Studies' Analysis
    Qualitative research methods are primarily associated with examining social dimensions to provide detailed and rich results and offer concepts and ideas to inform the research.
  28. The Problem of Imprisonment Injustice in the USA
    The United States has the second-highest incarceration rate globally, after China, despite a slight decline over the past two decades.

πŸ’‘ Essay Ideas on Drugs

  1. The Failure of America’s War on Drugs
  2. An Analysis of The Argument on The Benefits of Legalizing Drugs
  3. Reflection on Motivation of Early Dropout from Drug Abuse Treatment
  4. John Stuart Mill and Drugs Legalization
  5. The Effects of Drugs on Cardiac Physiology
  6. Effects of Parental Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on Teens
  7. Legalizing Recreational Drugs Within the United States
  8. The Correlation Between Adult Drug Abusers and Children
  9. Drug Abuse as a Destructive Pattern
  10. Criminal Offenses That Involve Drugs
  11. Atomic Energy and the Development of Drugs
  12. Most Drugs and Medicated Substances Can Be Beneficial
  13. Banning Performance Enhancing Drugs From Sports
  14. Demand for Illicit Drugs by Pregnant Women
  15. Homeopathic Medicines vs. Prescription Drugs
  16. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Drugs
  17. Investigation of the Effects of Drug Abuse
  18. Bioethical Issues Concerning Fertility Drugs
  19. Fractals and Self-Organized Criticality in Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  20. Arguing Against the Legalization of Drugs
  21. The Effects of Drugs Abuse on Adolescents: Academic Performance in Triangle
  22. Symptoms and Treatment Implications of Drugs Use
  23. Misusing Pain Management Prescription Drugs
  24. Drugs That Enhance Athletic Performance
  25. Influence of Drug Substances on Adolescents
  26. Current Anti Obesity Drugs and Their Disadvantages
  27. Drug Safety and the Side Effects of the Use of Drugs
  28. Physical and Psychological Consequences of Long Term Drug Use
  29. Current Regulations for Standardization of Crude Drugs
  30. Enhancing Drugs and Its Impact on Academic Integrity
  31. Nasal Delivery of High Molecular Weight Drugs
  32. Canada’s Fight Against Drugs
  33. Drug Trafficking in The Republic of Colombia
  34. High-Performance Drugs: Social Consideration
  35. Nanoemulsion: an Innovative Drug Delivery
  36. Drugs That Interfere With Sympathetic Nerve Signals
  37. How Drug Trafficking Impacts The Economy and The World at Large
  38. The Unfair Advantage of Using Drugs in Sports
  39. Antidepressant Drugs and Their Effects on Depression
  40. AIDS: Developing Country and Drugs

❓Drugs Research Questions

  1. How Do Drugs Affect Society?
  2. Why Are Synthetic Drugs Legal?
  3. How Drugs Affect the Health Triangle?
  4. How Cost-Effective Are New Cancer Drugs in the USA?
  5. How Drugs Act?
  6. What’s the Deal With Drugs and Nightclubs?
  7. Can Economic Aid Make a Difference in the Flow of Drugs?
  8. Are Any Drugs Derived From the Ocean Presently Approved?
  9. Are the More Educated People More Likely to Use New Drugs?
  10. Are Diet Drugs Safe for People?
  11. Are Illegal Drugs Inferior Goods in the USA?
  12. Why Are Students Attracted to Drugs and Drinking?
  13. How Could Decriminalisation Solve the Drugs Problem?
  14. Are Anabolic Steroids Really Pernicious Deleterious Drugs?
  15. How Can Illegal Drugs Be Prevented From Entering Prison?
  16. How Do Drugs Affect Our Lives?
  17. Why Shouldn’t Athletes Use Muscle Enhancing Drugs?
  18. How Do Drugs Affect Families?
  19. Are Drugs Taking Away the Excitement in Sports?
  20. How Can Kids Best Be Convinced Not to Do Drugs?
  21. Does Coffee Contain Drugs?
  22. How Drugs Affect the Mind and the Body and How Dangerous they Are?
  23. How Are Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Teenagers?
  24. Do Drugs Are Barriers to Our Future?
  25. Why Should Drugs Not Be Legalized?
  26. How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Teenage Brain Development?
  27. Why Are Biosimilar Drugs More Extensive Than Generics?

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