98 Research Topics on Drug Abuse

According to a NIH-supported study, 43% of young adults used marijuana in 2021. During and after the pandemic, non-medical use of cannabis has increased worldwide. Drug abuse kills about half a million people every year, while drug trade continues to hold back economic and social development worldwide. Drug abuse is a serious problem that requires careful study. Scholars are looking for ways to prevent and overcome substance abuse.

If you are looking for drug abuse topics to research or a catchy title about drugs, youโ€™re in the right place. The collection weโ€™ve prepared contains drug abuse research questions, samples, and drug addiction essay topics.

๐Ÿ“ Research Topics on Drug Abuse

  1. Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the Family
    In this paper, the author will develop a case study of addiction to marijuana and alcohol in a family. The study will evaluate the best treatment and intervention measures.
  2. Drug Addiction: Reasons, Theories and Treatment
    The paper explains reasons for drugs addiction, reviews the disease model of addiction, personality traits and theory of addiction, and treatment of addiction.
  3. Combating Drug Abuse in the United States
    Marijuana should be legalized in the United States to avoid the negative implications that are associated with the illegal trade in the drug.
  4. Drug Abuse in Facts and Numbers
    There is a popular belief that addiction is someone one would be able to prevent or control by taking moderate doses of substances.
  5. War on Drugs: Opposing Viewpoints
    To legalize or not to legalize drugs of abuse has always been a subject of contention and controversy. Each side in support or in opposition has its varied, valid arguments.
  6. Drug and Alcohol Effects on Emotional Intelligence
    This paper includes a brief review of peer-reviewed articles concerning the effects of alcohol and drug use on emotional intelligence.
  7. Environmental Factors Role in Drug Addiction
    This paper examined the significance of environmental factors in the development and persistence of drug addiction.
  8. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Young People
    Teenagers tend to become bored easily and experience frequent emotional highs and lows. These are all potential factors in teenage drug use.
  9. The Universal Problem of Drug Abuse
    This paper is an overview arguments of proponents of legalization of drugs and existing drug policies, shows significant benefits can indeed be obtained.
  10. Teens Abuse of Prescription Drugs
    Many teens abuse prescription and over-the-counter drugs to get high, lessen the impact of intimidation, to socialize in parties, escape reality, to experiment, or relieve boredom.
  11. Drug Abuse as Voluntary Suicide
    Drug and alcohol abuse is like voluntary suicide. The effects of substance abuse are vast and problematic in every society. Substance abuse aids the spread of AIDS, pun intended.
  12. Effects of Substance Abuse Amongst the Military
    Soldiers have over the years continued to test positive for drugs during the normal urine tests that are done in the military despite the measures that are put into place.
  13. Drugs or Alcohol Addiction Problems
    Addiction to drugs or alcohol is the effect of compulsive and continuous use of drugs or alcohol despite its adverse consequences.
  14. Drugs Problem in Urban America
    The paper explores the context of drugs and aspects of proliferation, abuse, and trafficking to provide a concrete idea of how drugs have become a vice in urban America.
  15. Adolescent Drug Addiction Problem
    Adolescent drug addiction is a pathological dependence on drugs in teenagers, which develops as a result of a combination of psychological, biological, and social factors.
  16. Drug Abuse in Adolescents: The Causes
    Scientists estimate that about one in two American teenagers has at least the initial experience of using narcotic illicit substances.
  17. Drug Prevention Among School-Aged Youth
    Drug use and abuse are major issues that affect contemporary populations everywhere. This paper discusses the drug prevention measures that can be applied to school-aged youths.
  18. Substance Abuse Among Adolescents
    The paper discusses the issue of substance abuse among adolescents. It highlights the prevalence of the problem in society and the need for parents to take up an active role.
  19. Steroid Abuse in the World of Sports
    The essay supports the idea that steroid usage should be banned in sports, so as to set good example to youngsters.
  20. Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs and in World of Sport
    The use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) has been a major concern over the recent past. The use of these substances is not a new thing in the world of sports.
  21. Addiction and Abuse of Various Drugs
    Various drugs are considered to be abused because they are addictive and have consequences that are considered undesirable by society.
  22. Substance Abuse Problem Overview
    Substance abuse is a social problem that permeates every aspect of human nature in society. This study looks at the issue of substance abuse and the problems of addiction.
  23. Legalization of Marijuana and Drug Use Among Teenagers
    This piece of work gives a critical analysis of the effect of the legalization of marijuana and its effect on the rate of drug use among teenagers in the United States of America.
  24. Substance Abuse Intervention for Family
    It is estimated that more than eight million children in the USA live in families with at least one drug or alcohol-addicted parent.
  25. Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Young People
    Alcoholism and drug addiction currently can be considered, not only as purely medical but also as social problems of modern society.
  26. Qualitative and Quantitative Social Studies' Analysis
    Qualitative research methods are primarily associated with examining social dimensions to provide detailed and rich results and offer concepts and ideas to inform the research.

๐Ÿ’ก Drug Addiction Essay Topics

  1. Gateway Drugs and Common Drug Abuse
  2. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among College Students
  3. Juvenile Delinquency and Drug Abuse
  4. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Mental Health
  5. Drug Abuse and Addiction: Effects on Brain, Risk Factors, Signs
  6. Drug Abuse at Florida International University
    The problem of FIU has a global character as it affects multiple stakeholders such as students, teachers, and administration of the university, the community in general.
  7. American Universities, Colleges, Drug Abuse and Effects
  8. Personal Freedom or the Safety of Society: Cause and Effect of Drug Abuse
  9. Alcohol and Illicit Drug Abuse in Pregnancy
  10. Controlled Substances Act and Its Amendment
    Despite having medicinal purposes, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the USA. There exist regulations to govern its use even for medicinal purposes.
  11. Drug Abuse and Risks of Development of Mental Disorders
  12. Delinquency and Drug Abuse: Implications for Social Services
  13. Prescription Drug Abuse or Overdose Problem Solving
    The significant issue in offering treatment to prescription drug addiction because no one come clean about their usage of prescription drugs.
  14. Drug Abuse and the Degradation of Neuron Cells
  15. The Social Aspects of the Drug Abuse: The Most Vulnerable Categories of People
  16. Drugs and Religion. Drug Abuse as the Part of the Sacred Rituals
  17. Cannabis Legalization Effects in the United States
    This paper examines several economic effects, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the revenues that are associated with the legalization of marijuana in the United States.
  18. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among College Students, Social Issues
  19. Adolescents From Divorced Families and Drug Abuse
  20. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: Roots, Effects, and Prevention
  21. Combating Drug Abuse: Public Policy Issue
    Multiple social and cultural factors complicate the public policy issue of combating drug abuse and managing drug use.
  22. Effective Drug Abuse Among Adolescents
  23. Illicit and Prescription Drug Abuse
  24. Combating Combat Drug Abuse at Australian Music Festivals

๐ŸŽ“ Simple Research Topics about Drug Abuse

  1. Health Risks Associated With Drug Abuse for a Baby in South Carolina
  2. Teaching Effects of Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Abuse
    To achieve success in preventing drug use among the members of society, all the negative effects of drugs must be included in the anti-drug campaign and education programs.
  3. Economic and Social Consequences: Heroin Drugs and Drug Abuse
  4. Illegal and Prescription Drug Abuse
  5. Medication Addiction and Drug Abuse Problems
  6. Media Campaign for Overcoming Drug Abuse
  7. Effectiveness of Prison Substance Abuse Treatment
    The criminals with drug abuse related problems who are released from prisons without undergoing proper treatment and counseling continue abusing drugs as soon as they are set free.
  8. Athletes’ Motivation for Performance-Enhancement Drug Abuse
  9. Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act
  10. Correlation Between Parietal and Adolescent Drug Abuse
  11. Personality Types and Substance Abuse
    This paper discusses the problem of substance use and abuse and how this tendency could be associated or correlated with types of personalities or possible personality flaws.
  12. Capitalism, Drug Abuse, and the American Dream
  13. Impetus Toward Drug Abuse
  14. The Types of Drugs and the Impact of Their Abuse to the Human Body
  15. Polysubstance Abuse Among Adolescent Males With Depression
    Substance abuse among adolescents can be caused by depression. In this case, the adolescents down ply the idea of seeking psychological support.
  16. Controlling Drug Abuse Among College Students
  17. Ethnic and Cultural Traditions That May Lead to Drug Abuse
  18. Drug Abuse and Trafficking in America
    The article examines the general fight against drug abuse and drug trafficking, the laws adopted by the state, the consequences and results of this fight.
  19. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the United States
  20. National Symbol for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education
  21. Drug Abuse and Substance Misuse in Rural Areas
  22. Drug Law Enforcement
    Drug abuse not only affects developing countries but also developed countries and therefore, countries across the world have developed laws to combat the menace of drug abuse.
  23. Adolescent Drug Abuse and Its Effects
  24. Drug Abuse and Smoking in Our Society
  25. Native Americans Inhalants Drug Abuse
  26. Drug Abuse and Global Health Throughout the 20-21 Centuries
  27. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: The Pressures and Temptations of a Teenager

โ“Drug Abuse Research Questions

  1. What Are the Primary Causes of Drug Abuse?
  2. How Does Drug Abuse Affect Teens?
  3. What Are Influences That Cause Drug Abuse on Youth?
  4. How Should Teenagers Be Informed About Drug Abuse?
  5. Why Has the American Government Not Managed to Stop Drug Abuse All These Years?
  6. Why Do Teenagers Abuse Drugs?
  7. How Does Prescription Drug Abuse Affect Teens?
  8. How Does Pericarditis Form Due to Drug Abuse?
  9. What Are the Primary Causes or Effects of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse?
  10. What Does Drug Abuse Truly?
  11. What Are Some Solutions to Drug Abuse?
  12. Why Do Children Need to Be Educated About Drug Abuse?
  13. How Does Drug Abuse Affect Personal Development of Hong Kong Teenagers?
  14. What Is the Relationship Between Drug Abuse and Families Relationships?
  15. How Drug Abuse Ruins Families and Destroys Relationships?
  16. How Does Drug Abuse Affect Personal Development of Teenagers?
  17. What Are the Major Types of Drug Abuse?
  18. What Is Drug Abuse and Its Effect?
  19. Why Does Pericarditis Form Due to Drug Abuse?
  20. What Causes Teenage Drug Abuse?
  21. What Are the Main Causes of Drug Abuse?

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